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WILLIE'S RESERVE™ pre-filled cartridges contain pure CO2 cannabis distillate with cannabis derived terpenes. That means no fillers, no cutting agents or any other flavorings. Each variety is expertly crafted to express the naturally occurring flavor profile from our favorite strains. It’s a vape experience true to the original. WILLIE'S RESERVE™ cartridges work best with the beautifully branded WILLIE'S RESERVE™ 3.6-volt battery and charger. Enjoy!*strains may vary by state*

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4.7 stars

Can’t Find in So. Calif.

I would totally buy Willie’s Reserve, or any of Willie’s products, IF I could only find it in my area. I live in Orange County, California. Next time I visit Colorado, I will attempt to find it there. Please start marketing to Orange County, California so I can give you a five star review!

even better than expected!

i bought the indica cartridge my 1st day in Denver. It did not disappoint! i loved having the battery included. i tried the sativa as well, but prefer the indica. i highly recommend!

My heroes have always been Cowboys

Willie’s Reserve is quite possibly one of the greatest feel good weeds I have ever had... The indica is incredible! If you want to laugh your butt off, crave KFC chicken wings, and laugh some more… This is it right here.

welcome home son...

i was a big believer in ebbu and no one being able to replace that great cart.. well, the good people at willie’s reserve have stepped up to the plate. the cartridge works flawlessly with the (provided battery w/charger)🤙🏽 pulls excellent. tastes lovely.. and my head is a buzz and floating. this renews my faith in quality products. i will update after my lemon alien & strawberry cough sessions! woodrow is back on board.. the train to blissville is leaving! as far as price goes, i can grab mine here in boulder $38.25 .. hardly a hefty price for this good a cartridge..considering the crap that’s out there! 🚨follow up; i’ve smoke many willies for the past month now. i still think for the price, they are a quality cartridge. the silver mouthpiece should go. it’s heavy, and must kick the price of the cartridge up. one noticeable fault, if you have more than one pen going, mark what it is. there are no indicators on the cartridges of what you’re smoking.🤙🏽

It’s very good

I need

His name on it should say enough

But if you haven’t tried one you better ask somebody. If you like buying pricy cartridges this is for you. Hey Willie- how about something priced us workin’ folks can afford to relax to. I only splurged on this because I could, with a roll of the dice on quality because I knew he wouldn’t put his name on garbage. Glad I did but can’t afford to smoke it everyday, so hence the 4 stars and it needs to be available in more stores


As I was trying many different Indica strains, I came across this brand. This is the smoothest Indica I have smoked and unless I'mout of town where I can't get this, I will not buy any other brand. Willie has out done himself.
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