Focus 1:1 THC:CBD 200mg


As you breathe in the rich piney aroma of Lucid Mood's Focus formula, your chest expands and your focus narrows. Great for losing yourself in the pleasure of the task at hand.

1:1 THC:CBD plus Pure Terpenes 200mg Sipper Pens.

These fun, discrete, convenient, attractive portable vape pens are great for heading to a concert, movie, show, meeting, cocktail party, before and after a workout. Available in four moods, they can be purchased individually or as a complete set packaged in an elegant silver, engraved carrying case perfect for your purse, pocket, car, laptop bag. You can even mix your moods to tailor your experience. 

These pens require no charging. Simply draw gently from the mouthpiece and you are ready for you next LucidMood experience. When the pen is empty, please be respectful of the environment and dispose of properly.

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5 stars

Superior formulation for out and about relief

I bought this looking for something to support me in high-anxiety situations in public, and it really hits the jackpot. I think this blend in particular works for me because I get overstimulated, and true to its name, it helps clarify my internal experience and keep me calm. I get this effect without feeling really high - I get a head sensation that lets me know it's in my system, but my experience and function is well within the range of acceptable for situations where I really should not be high. Downsides: hard to find, only available disposable, pricey for the dosage (but worth it because it's so much better than just a dominance/CBD blend)
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