Fireball Cannabis Gummies 100mg THC

Product description

Fireball Cannabis Gummies are a 100MG THC pack of gummies made with CO2 Oil providing a true Sativa gummy experience. 10 individually sealed cinnamon-whiskey flavored gummies per pack.  The gummies do not contain any Fireball Whisky.   


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27 reviews

1 month ago
5 stars

The Cadillac of gummies.

The brand that is going to corner the market. How on earth can you go wrong with a 100 mg product that hits fast and sticks around a long time FOR $4?? More flavors PLEASE.
2 months ago
4 stars


Got these because I would rather chew an edible than sit on my porch and get eaten alive by mosquitos. First time buying an edible. I’m not your typical smoker but these worked great. 40 mins or so after eating. Tasted horrible horrible texture but they did work. Only next time I will probably only eat half of one. Because a full one made me sick.
14 days ago
1 star

it was the agonies of the damned

Once I could finally get the gummie out of the package, it was like eating the glue they use on mailer envelopes, what in the world did you make this with???? No good buzz and very disappointing. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.
1 year ago
5 stars

Very Good.

Tastes like shite, but the potency more than makes up for that. I can't believe some guy on here ate ONE, then waited 4 hours to eat another one, and then had the audacity to claim he wasn't impressed.Really? Eat 3 of them at once and write a real review.
9 months ago
5 stars

Fireball gummies

Definitely the best edible i have had i eat a whole box at a time and i have tired the fudge the chocolate bars every gummie you can think of and no edible is better then these fireball gummies definitely worth the price
2 years ago
5 stars

I love the flavor!!!

I rarely do edibles but I tried these and compared them to other edibles I ate over a two week period and these were the best! Best tasting! Best high! Best price! Check them out if you’re in Las Vegas!
11 months ago
5 stars

Love em

Picked these up in hopes of easing my worries and helping me relax. Worked like a charm! I've never felt so chill and peaceful before these. Loved them, loved the feeling, will definitely buy more of these bad boys. They're dope!!! 😜👍
11 months ago
5 stars

My favorite

Out of all the products I have tried, this is the standout. Potent and clean medication!
11 months ago
5 stars

🔥🔥🔥 Edibles!

Picked these up at my local dispensary, caught my eye so I picked up 2 packs. Taste is amazing and got me a nice relaxing high and I slept like a baby (Usually toss and turn all night). Nice cinnamon taste just like Fireball. Def picking up again, nice price, great taste, and sweet hiiiii.
11 months ago
5 stars

Best gummie on the market!

After trying almost every edible I can get my hands on, I have to say the Fireball gummies are the tastiest out there. After about 40 minutes, the high comes on really smooth, and last longer than most other edibles. I’ve also had some of the best sleep when taken late. Highly recommend trying these out for yourself!
1 year ago
5 stars

I survived Summer because of these!

Stress, anxiety, and worries wash away about 44 minutes after these sweet treats dance with your tastebuds. i love to suck 😋 on the 🔥 Fireball gummies, before chewing! We got a great deal and bought about 10 boxes...hence why I say they helped so much! Haven't found any in Michigan dispensaries but perfect for any Las Vegas night out and common at dispensaries all over Vegas ❣ enjoy!
2 years ago
5 stars

great gummys

like too see these at Ten each
2 years ago
5 stars

Try 'em!

Cruised to Showgrow specifically for the popup...should have bought more! I like sativa and cinnamon so these are right up my alley. Definitely recommend
4 months ago
5 stars

One hit wonder...

I ate one gummy before I left the house and let me say that I had the best time out with my friends. I laughed at almost everything that night. I was surprised I wasn’t tired. and then I showed all my friends and it was over right there. everyone saw my novelty item and had to try it. I will forever have at least one of these in my fridge at all times. Thanks Fireball!
7 months ago
5 stars

Need these in ENID

I'm leaving a review in hopes someone can point me in the right direction to get this product on shelves in enid lol. I really want to try these.
10 months ago
5 stars

Firebal gummies

Great taste, affordable
3 years ago
5 stars

please hurry

I am really wanting to try these. Gonna buy one the sec it his the market.
4 months ago
5 stars

The perfect gummy for... everything

These gummies slap. I mean they hit me pretty quickly, perfectly dosed for your day/night activities. I took two for a music festival and I was set 🙌 it was a really cool high/experience. Also I use these for sleep as well. I just take an extra one. The taste is similar to cinnamon gum :) I love cinnamon. Be sure to check out the other gummies they have too, all margarita flavors. But nothing beats fireball!
3 years ago
5 stars

Excited !!!

No way this is awesome!!! So incredibly pumped to try this product out ...can’t wait !
3 years ago
5 stars


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