Relm Cannabis Co.

2.1 stars by 205 reviews
dispensary Burlington, Ontrecreational
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2.1 stars


I’ve had better but I’ve also had worse

Go somewhere else

Was a regular spending about 60 a day, until last night when I tried to go by and had the door closed in my face at 8:00pm. The security guard asked if he could let me in and the manager said no it's 8:01 pm and would have to come back Tuesday as Monday is a holiday. Relm says they care about the customers... but it's clear they don't. I will be spending my money from now on at Pioneer Cannabis at the QEW and Brant Street - Burlington (by the Best Buy). It's a better set up... you are not put into line as soon as you walk in the door like sheep... and staff are never looking for tips to share their advice. Thanks Relm for making the choice easy for me.

Ok weed, definitely over priced

I'm 37 and been smoking for many many years daily. I can say straight up that this place is ok and that's it. Need weed in a pinch, you can get decent to good weed for a marked up price. Once and awhile you'll.find a decent deal. Been there.many times, just waiting for other shops to open in the area


Went here today and just as I was picking out what I wanted, ,someone confronted me and asked if I used cannabis recently? I said about 2 hours ago, ,they said well unfortunately we can't sell to anyone who's consumed cannabis or alcohol in the last 24 hours or something along those lines. YOU GUYS SELL WEED. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK PEOPLE ARE NOT HIGH IN YOUR STORE? Btw your weed sucks and is way overpriced.

Over Priced - Compared to other legal shops

Okay, let's be real. Mango Haze is $42 here, but $37 at Canna Cabana? C'mon man. Why do I need to pay a premium in Burlington. OCS charges $5 delivery flat rate, you guys charge a pick up fee or something? This is total bull S*** and once people start seeing how shady you guys are you will fail. Greed is the biggest company killer. Let's see what the reasoning is here and if I get a reply from management. Will not ever be coming back there if this continues. More stores opening in the next few weeks. Not a good way to stand out. Btw, I see Lola Montes pre rolls are 'on sale' for $8. Anyone interested, they are ALWAYS $7.50 at Canna Cabana - no tax. I thought people were joking when they said people from Burlington were rich snobs, but it is quite clear they have made this true in the case of their Marijuana Shops. I never wish for business' to fail but this could be an exception. So sad.

Alright. Tf is this.

Staff. No problems with them, they’re chill polite, ask if I have any plans no worries there. I just came back for Relm. And I bought one gram of DT81. I get home. Open it up. See the saddest “gram” threw it on the scale .4 I want my damn $12 back Tf is this

up too 22percent

get home look. only 17 percentage. bs lemon rise works but made me hake

Overpriced and under delivered

Expensive and horrible quality. Don't bother going here. I'll stick with the black market haha.

First time customer

Had a great experience at this location. I got exactly the type of bud I asked for and the customer service was great. Product was priced slightly higher then what was listed on ocs, but that is to be expected from a more convenient alternative.


As fellow pot head, I'm extremely disappointed with the bud I've been receiving from our local dispensary. All the buds are stored away like cell phone cases. Where did all the love go? I just want to smoke good weed. I reccomended trying Bald Rasta Express on weedmaps. Great service and products 🔥


Found the exact same strain on the ocs website and it’s listed here for twice the price .


if you want to know why your dont have more clientele look to your pricing, I can get what you sell for $50 plus a 1/8 for less then half that price, and the quality is better.

They have improved greatly

They have much better buds now and great friendly and organized staff. Friendly security also. male staff are chill and the famales are very helpful! Especially one that i am thinking of with blonde hair and brown eyes :)Hope to see you there again soon hun

Worst business ever 0 stars if possible

This is the worst business you could imagine. For the second time they show Moonbeam on their menu, phoned for 20 min and nobody could be bothered answerig the phone. Was calling because they told me to call and avoid this vary situation after last time. Drove all the way to site and was told they did not have product again and I should check their menu on weedmaps. They said it is updated daily and they dont have that product today yet their updated menu on weedmaps says they do. This is why they dont answer their phone, so they can get people to come to their rippoff spot for products they dont actually have. Its bad enough they over charge so bad but they also deceive you. I will never return to this hole in the wall. I really hope they close and give an honest business a chance. Over priced, poor customer service, dishonest and completely lacking in care about wasting proples time. You should be allowed to leave 0 stars. They actually just called me, apparently they decided to call me back an hour after my multiple missed calls. The woman apologized and gave the following excuses. Why did they not answer? Because their phone was charging. What a joke, are they really saying they only have 1 phone in that huge site? Sounds like BS to me. Why is your updated menu wrong? Because it needs to be updated. No kidding. Apparently the girl who said to check it in store was just paroting their standard excuse. Either they are lying or lazy, neither is acceptable. Clearly the only thing this place cares about is taking your money. Apploogies dont get back the 2 hours wasted driving back and forth to their site when they dont have what they say they do. They also dont compensate you for the wasted gas. Some small token for wasting a customers time would at least be something but that will never happen in this place as you dont matter to them, only your money.

Please fix the pricing.

2 stars for good service and a good strain but buying here is like I'm processing my immigration papers, not buying weed


These guys sell weed to their customers like their grade 9’s? Why would anyone that knows cannabis prices pay $100 for a quarter!!! No wonder everyone is turning back to the black market where you can get a full ounce or more of way better product for the price of $100. Not to mention all the OCS weed they resell is always terrible dry tiny popcorn nugs.. I would strongly recommend not buying from any of these stores that resell OCS weed.


Why is it that product is cheaper on other shops? Is it because you are located in Burlington? This is very unfortunate. Glow by Trailblazer is only 25$ tax included at Cabana in Hamilton. Even the joints are cheaper. Sorry but I cannot give a good rating when this is how you guys operate. Very nice staff.

About as Cozy as the Passport Office

Owner obviously couldn't care less about the customer experience. Place is like a passport office. No visible product anywhere everything is in big cabinets. You get a laminated sheet of available product then they proceed to point out all the stuff they don't have. Terrible processes. The product, well, we all know what crap the government is selling. Super dry turns to dust in a grinder. Will only return if I'm in a pinch. Going to try Pioneer that opened up - they actually spent some money on the customer experience there at least. And it looks like they may carry Broken Coast which Realm never has in stock and is one of the only good brands out there.

My Honest Opinion

I shop here once or twice a week and like the convenience of the location, plus they usually carry a couple of strains with higher CBD/lower THC levels, which I personally prefer. There is, however, definite room for improvement. I check the menu on Weedmaps as well as the Relm website before going each time. I'd say half the time they don't have the product that's being advertised. For the most part the staff seem to have very little knowledge, if any, of the product they are selling. The majority of product has been decent quality, although I have come away feeling disappointed with what I've purchased. . Beware of pre rolls on sale as I have bought a couple that were dry loosely packed garbage. . I will continue to buy weed here but the cost gives me no choice but to continue purchasing the bulk of my supply from other trusted sources.