Redwood Coast Dispensary

4.4 stars by 49 reviews
dispensary Ben Lomond, Californiarecreational
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4.4 stars


we bought edibles and one of the bags was really expired with mould and we went back and instead they refunded us and charged us for something else! instead of refunding us and giving us new stuff for free! do not go here!
Redwood Coast Dispensary
Santa Cruz
We are sorry that your experience was poor. We are willing to do what we can to refund or replace any products that are not up to par. We do not manufacture or package the products, so unfortunately we are often not always aware of a problem until someone has a poor experience. We immediately removed all similar products from the shelf and notified the vendor.. I remember speaking to you, if you will recall I apologized for the inconvenience and offered to refund or replace the product. at that time you chose to receive the refund and you decided to purchase something else. My mistake, i didn't realize that you needed something for free to help you realize that mistakes do happen.
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Great service!

The guy that greeted me when I walked through the door was super friendly. I mentioned that I was deaf and he did not skip a beat. He was very knowledgeable about what they sell there and I walked out with a bag of edibles. My favorite would be “Saturday morning” cookie, it’s a hybrid and you will not be disappointed!

Very pricey can by purple frost 20 an1/8 cheaper

Wow prices are high and then tax On top very greedy .
Redwood Coast Dispensary
Santa Cruz
Unfortunately our prices are reflecting the prices offered to us from our vendors. The industry is being subjected to new testing and packaging requirements as well as the state and local excise taxes, which are all included in the cost of goods. That does not cover the sales tax, however, which is added at check-out just like you would see in any store. Cannabis being voted legal to tax has been known to have this effect, as seen in other states, but our pricing is fair for what we pay and for the taxes we are all required to pay. As far as Purple Frost Genetics go, we are extremely excited having the option to stock them in our store. But they, like everyone else, are subjected to the new tax laws that adjust prices rather than greed.
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Quality Product and Service!!

I love these guys. The selection is small, but always high quality and they are always friendly. And they love dogs!


Stopping by Redwood reminded me of how much I loved this shop. The vendor of the day: David Brissenden, had a team at the front door that was ready to remind whomever walks-in that a stunning holiday event was awaiting them. After checking-in, we were fortunate enough to be able to see first-hand how stunning this would turn out to be. Our treats began arrive before our eyes as we began to sample everything from Extra Toasted Coconuts, a Cosmic Berry Crunch and some Pumpkin Ginger Snap that genuinely finished without the heavy hemp-stalk-like taste that some companies battle figuring out how to neutralize; these guys have nailed the perfect recipe in locking your palette into the profile without lingering impedances. The special only got better, after purchasing any of their products, they would give you an extra for free. I went for the Pumpkin Ginger Snap, and am seriously pleased. Gourmet cannabis is the best treat of the holiday. Thanks again, John Quinlan

Noice Experience

Went in for my first time about 2 months ago . Knew I was going to get some sort of concentrate just not sure what. The budtender she recommended this dry sift rosin it was Moonshine I think. I got a gram total and tbh that dry sift rosin is some of the most fire dabs I've ever taken and I got a J for free.

new customer experience

The staff is courteous & helpful. Wide inventory: seed from Santa Cruz mountain breeders, pretty glass, edibles (the Big Pete cookie was incredible) and CBD-based products, a respectable menu of flowers and an assortment of hash and other clean concentrates. While there are delivery services on the Peninsula this is worth the scenic drive south.

Assed out

Was waiting for the call back from this club through another friend and I guess they don't want our business . Said they would call back when plants were in and they never called them tried to overcharge us wow . Do not come here horrible service and high prices
Redwood Coast Dispensary
Santa Cruz
I'm sorry for your negative experience. With how many people are demanding plants during this prime time of the season, it must have been an oversight, it is mid-July now, so the plants have had a long time to grow already and are also in high demand. If you still wanted to get some plants for your garden, we would be happy to work with you.
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Jrod disalvo

not happy

I have used this dispensary for a couple years now and I am not happy with the service I was given. I bought some pls ts there . called back and wanted more the said we don't have any our plant guys brakes went out . I said no problem can you call me when they are in. Zach said sure . 1 week went by no one called. I called back for plants he said he was sorry and said he had two plants blah blah blah. I said can you call me when you hmbet more plants o want 6 . He said ok . He also said the plants would be 70 dollars. No one called I call again and a lady picked up and said they are all out of plants by this time in very pissed off. I had 5 others waiting for these plants to come . I said let me speak to management and she said they would have to. All me back they were bizzy. Ok guess what no one called. I. called today a d spoke to Zach and he said once again he was sorry but he had pls us I. today but they were 125 dollars. wow Zach thanks for the help now you want to charge double
Redwood Coast Dispensary
Santa Cruz
We apologize for your negative experience. Best bet is to call to check on stock and come same day. I'm glad to hear that we were able to supply you with plants that were in your budget earlier this year. As I'm sure you know it is prime time for growing these last 4 months, and now the demand for plants is higher than ever with the summer moving on, we can barely keep them in stock. As the summer is moving on the plants are also getting significantly larger than previous ones therefore a price change will occur. We will be wrapping up plant sales very soon, so if you still wanted plants, we would be happy to work with you as long as we can find some common understanding. I hope you have a great day!
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Great service

Went to check out all the dispensarys in that area and by far the most helpful and generous club out there definitely going back the quality of meds is great and very friendly and attentive staff a gentlemen with blonde hair helped me and couldn't of asked for a better first expirence there , thank you

Expensive but good

I was pleased with the quality of the products and the wide selection of rosin but the prices on top of being charged taxes when I already have my medical card are not worth it. I love to dab but with their lack of full melts and crazy prices, I can get much more for the same price and quality else where.

Organic is the way to go!

Organic production, organic care, and an organic mentality is the essence of the people perpetuating the Cannabis movement. Thank you for your diligence!

Best hash in Santa Cruz

Expect nothing but the best from these guys. I have to control myself every time I go here cause I just want to purchase everything in sight. Everything is grade A+. They are always stocked up on higher grounds rosin which is some of the most tasty stuff in the game! I will keep coming back here :)

Convenient and Good Atmosphere

Just wanted to post a quick review of this amazing dispensary. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and fast!

My go to collective

It's about an hour away from South San Jose so it is a bit out of the way for most people but if your looking to do some hiking at castle rock, big basin or you want to go for a windy drive then it's worth a stop. Unlike other collectives I have been too they have all kinds of hash from smokable to full melt. The collective has a friendly vibe that carries out through the employees with their customer service. They always have time to answer questions you have and don't make you feel rushed almost like your at home and welcome. Overall worth the stop if you trek up there


This place rocks, I love the staff and the medicine. They treat you like a person not a wallet. This is my A1+ go to, for all of my medication needs. You really should check this place out. You will not be disappointed.

best dispensary around

great products & great people

Pure Mountain Goodness

This place has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Great staff, great atmosphere and wonderful meds. The budtenders always have time to answer questions and educate, and the place just feels good. Keep up the good work !

great place

loved it. gr8 staff, told me about Big Petes cookies for my back pain, awesome!!


Wow so much positive people and knowledgeable staff.. Great quality buds and edibles at a great affordable price.. And its a convenient safe location. .. I highly recommend all and any to give a visit to redwood coast collective