Red Bud Dispensary, Inc.

4.1 stars by 29 reviews
dispensaryMarlow, Oklahomamedical
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4.1 stars

Santana Salas

Great customer service excellent staff, I was given the best service out of any dispensary; I was given a free T-shirt and I am very thankful for the experience. Thank you Red Bud!


not impressed

never anything on the menu on this app and prices are high.


stopped here 4 first time today staff was awesome small selection of flower but it is tested and looked great I needed a special kind of rub for my knee and they will try n locate it for me I bought a cart of Skywalker of and it was perfect all I can say is thank u and I will be back

Where's the info & pics (effort) ???

No way to see variety, lab results, pricing, daily specials, and products to determine whether it's worth the drive. Gives the impression that the products will not be right if the store is not willing to put effort into making their current inventory of products to current and potential customers.




Absolute fire flower. Great deal with a 15% discount as well but the bud was out of this world and they also had percentages on the strains they have which I’ve yet to see in any other.

Good Stuff

Good medicine here, friendly staff, discount for vets. Nice!

Best dispensary around here

Truly top shelf medical. Wonderful environment and great customer service. They are knowledgeable about their products and actually have their flowers tested. They offer a 25% discount to Vets and I have yet to see someone come close to that. We have never once been disappointed with anything we have gotten from there. We just got some of their new product Sunrise Sherbert and it's the best I have tried from any dispensary yet! Very sticky, moist and beautiful flower. Truly a happy customer. Red Bud is a great dispensary and my go to place.


Top Shelf all the way. Kind, patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and local owners and staff. So much more than flower.


The product is absolutely perfect. I may stick with more concentrates than actual flower. But sometimes flower helps me sleep at night. I have made many purchases at this despersary and have not been disappointed. They weigh out my flower correctly maybe .01 off or more. But theres definately not a price spike bc of .01. it's set up thru weight. Majority of us were buying this illegally before we were patients. I for one don't condone or agree to taking pills. And I never recall calling out my man for shorting me .01 and making me pay the normal price. They are professional at what they do. I'm happy the town of Marlow has a despenary. For people like me who need medicine that don't want to drive 20+ miles. The state just legalized it in November. And not everyone has been brought up around it. Especially in a town like Marlow. So everyone should give our local stores time to adjust. And eventually prices will drop. Again Oklahoma is new. Keep up the good work Red Bud!


Been visiting these folks for my medicine for a couple of months now and I couldn’t be more well pleased with the service. Very professional, hard working honest folks that treat you like people instead of just a another buck. The atmosphere is more like going to the flower shop than going to a “flower shop”. You are not rushed in and out like at a firecracker stand on the 4th of July, and they take the time to trim any excess stem before they weigh your product. The weights are right, the prices are right, and they also give the best discounts around. Thank you for all you do!


Amazing ladies and beautiful store! I’ll be back often. Thank you!

new experience for me.

I was very happy with the help I received from both the workers .

I wish I had something nicer to say

The ladies in the shop seem like great people, so I don’t want to be harsh. But, I have some complaints. The store front itself is one of the nicer places I’ve been in. However, I didn’t like the purchasing experience. They have buds placed in a container on the top shelf where u can look at a sample of each strain through a magnifying glass, but u can’t smell them through it. I asked to smell one and it wasn’t appreciated (at least that’s how I felt). I understand that they don’t want people handling the flower(and I have no problem with that), but the quality at the local shops isn’t good enough to just buy without really having a chance to check it out. If I can’t look in the jar, I assume it’s not worth showing off. The prices were high for the two strains I got. I’ll try it again, but I’m in no rush. For now, it’s still best to travel a bit further.

Not very good

The weight thing is crazy, first. Almost every shop i have been to it either weighs or is over..and i still pay the same listed.price. The flower is way over priced..and poor quality. Service was extremely slow and not very helpful. Too many other shops that got it together to deal with this one


The 2 ladies there seemed nice. The prices are high here compared to shops within 30 miles. The lady I worked with was not very knowledgeable about the product. The service was painstakingly slow. Clean shop. Ample parking. This is not a goto shop for me. Could be so much better with a younger more knowledgeable budtender and competing prices.

ripped me off

total came to $34. gave her two twenty dollar bills. and they threw them in the cash register and didn't bother to give me my $6 in change. I don't know if they "self tipped" or what. but I won't be back.

Great dispensary but

I love this dispensary. There’s a large variety of products to choose from. Very clean and professional. Nice staff. My only complaint is that I have yet to go in and ask for a specific weight and receive that weight. If I ask for 2g I’ll get 1.89 or 3g and get 2.9. Every time, 4 so far. I don’t understand that. I’ve gone to many dispensaries so far and haven’t run into this issue anywhere else. I can’t help but feel shorted even if it’s a tiny amount. You should get what you pay for regardless. Tiny amounts add up over time.
Red Bud Dispensary, Inc.
We do our best to get the weight as requested. You are never charged for flower that you did not receive. Whether it be under the requested weight or over. We want everyone to feel satisfied with their purchase and we will work with our staff on weighing.
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everything is awesome, prices, services and the flower is bomb!