Waui Cartridge 1.025g - CA

$50.40per 1 g
Product description

Classic and simple, with its tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities, Waui is a vacation in every puff. Let the sweet pineapple and high-energy euphoria of this native Hawaiian strain wisp your creative spirit to beautiful places.

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95 reviews

13 days ago
5 stars


I've tried quite a few different stavia strains and WAUI by far lives up to its description. and the beauty is it doesn't burn hard or choke me. I'm a pretty heavier hitter during the day and I've noticed when I have the WAUI, I dont need to hit my pen as often which saves me some money and I'm able to enjoy a good head high and still be productive. It's #1 in my book.
2 months ago
5 stars

wow! amazing terp profile!

couldn't have asked for a better cartridge to take with me to Hawaii! the pineapple/banana 🍍 🍌 taste was so delicious. the high was definitely uplifting and had me in such a good mood while hiking diamond head. would highly recommend for social gatherings
We appreciate your wonderful review! Check out our Instagram page for updates and event info for more Rove shenanigans! :)
Official Response2 months ago
14 days ago
1 star

Not what I expected

I bought this because of all the great reviews. I wanted something that tasted good and help me be calm and energetic through my high but so far I have been disappointed. it makes me very sleepy like indica and hungry too ... It didn't feel anything like sativa. The fact that when I'm high with this I always find myself thinking "I hating the feeling. I need something to make it go away" for sure never buying this brand.
3 years ago
5 stars

For those complaining about oil sticking up top...

Just leave it in the sun in your car standing up for literally 5 minutes and it will all melt down to the bottom. For a group of people smoking something that chills you out, lots of you sure do get worked up over nothing lol. This is my second Rove cartridge now and I LOVE it. Tastes unlike any other vape because the oil is unlike any other vape. Definitely recommended. This flavor is great, although I think I like the Haze cartridge taste slightly better. But both are great!
Greetings justcallmepete, Thank you so much for choosing ROVE and for your awesome feedback! To stay up-to-date with ROVE events and promotions, please follow our Instagram account - @rovebrand. Keep on groovin' and ROVE-n out! ;) Sincerely, The ROVE Team
Official Response3 years ago
6 months ago
5 stars

Great cart 👌🏼🔥

I really like the after taste😋🍍 mix of pineapple and some other sweet flavors. Overall, the high is 7/10 if you are heavy smoker. Great high during a day and you can get things done much faster and it won’t give you a couch lock for sure! Highly recommend this during a day. Oil quality is impressive by ROVE. They have done a great job balancing out the thickness and richness of it’s oil 👏🏼 I’ve used other brands like ALPINE, Stiiizy, PlugPlay and Raw Garden but nothing is comparable to ROVE. Their consistently with flavor and high quality is much better than other famous brands out there so far. You get the best cartridge out of all. and I’ve been using their cartridges since 2017/2018. Just a quick tip 🔴Make sure to use their app and scan the barcode on your product before you use it and you can tell 100% if your product is legit🔴
2 years ago
5 stars

Waui has a great taste

This cart has a great taste. I've never had a problem with the Rove carts leaking on me. The mouth piece is comfortable and I love the high I get from there carts. I particularly love this strain. dont ever stop making it💖
4 years ago
5 stars

Tropical Dream Come True

I cannot get enough of this Waui! The flavor and the smell is to die for. It's nice because it's discreteness allows me to smoke in public without people knowing because it smells so good haha. I've tried similar Sativas in other vape pens but it just isn't the same; from the hit and even down to the cloud color. Rove is doin' it big, thank you guys!
Crumblinherb 420
4 years ago
5 stars


I was introduced to this particular Rove strain by my buddy. I told him that I didn't want to get faded this particular morning. Because I had a lot of shit to do that day. Well to my surprise, this Waui gave me a nice head high where I was relaxed but highly functional. In my opinion this great way to start the day. I would really recommend this
5 months ago
5 stars

Had to come back and say...

this is the most consistent oil I've ever had. Bought Waui 9 months ago and it was so good I had to leave a review. 9 months later and I wasn't sure if it would taste the same and sure as heck... it does! This is impressive. Tropical flavor with uplifting high. Hats off to ROVE!
2 years ago
5 stars

Favorite strain from rove

Honestly this is my go to 24/7 keeps the energy flowing especially if you are a college student who needs to wake up at 7 to go to a 8:30 AM class then to get off at 11:15 and wait for your shift to start at 5:30 to nearly end at midnight. Your gonna want to be taking those hits through out the day. It doesn't fail me.
2 years ago
5 stars

Do you like pina coladas?

Cause thats what youre in for. Imagine the vibe of sipping a pina colada, while riding a longboard on a small wave on a beach. BC that is how this strain has you feeling. IMO best used when relaxing or enjoying life. This will make that moment that much GREATER. Tried using it as a day time aid, or for work, to keep motivated.......IMO a huge waste......if you want that stick with tangie or punch, Haze if your job is stressful, and dream if you need mind energy. But this one is like a cross of haze and og. Your mind is in lala land as your body is wisped away as well. Use at the beach, on a hike, a concert, reading a book, going to a bar. Somewhere/thing where you really want to enjoy your space and surroundings and energy around you.
2 years ago
5 stars


the Taste I was looking for ! product is dense and lasts compared to others . high is super mellow and warming good product and very unique packaging
2 years ago
5 stars

long time in a while

I remember finding this company 2 years ago in my area it was a round then disappeared. Since those days it still taste great. the high is a creeper. I suggest it's as good as the first time
2 years ago
5 stars


got the battery as a gift from my cousin. then I bought this waui cartridge and it's amazing. very very good taste and relaxing high. will definitely be buying a lot more ROVE products. if ROVE had any sales or coupons or discounts please email with everything. valenzuelachristian87@gmailcom
3 years ago
5 stars


the flavor is GNARLY. such a strong tropical flavor. and the effects are just perfect. 🤯🤣🤟🏻✌🏻
3 months ago
5 stars

Tropical af

This cart gives me mad Hawaii vibes love the pineapple flavor
2 years ago
5 stars

Amazing flavor !

It’s sativa and the flavor reminds me of bubble gum and very sweet taste. Hands down I’ve tried so many cartridges but this one is probably the best !
2 years ago
5 stars

love of my life

ur amazing never change boo
5 stars

Pina colada

tastes so good.....and effects are same as flower.....cart is strong....probably higher than the 70+% they show.....ya it's strong.........aloha
3 years ago
5 stars

bomb af

taste so tropical I live the flavor makes me feel so at ease!😎
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