Pot Zone

4.6 stars by 12 reviews
dispensary Port Orchard, Washingtonrecreational
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4.6 stars

always very helpful

I typically only have a vague idea of what I want when i come in, and a limited price range. the people here are always very helpful and patient with getting me something I'd like

great place

a great little shop! it's the only dispensary I find myself returning to again and again. the staff is very knowledgable and very friendly, and have always given me great recommendations based on what I want. they've definitely made me a regular.

Best Store

I’ve been visiting the Tacoma Pot Zone ever since it opened this year. It has become my home dispensary. The tenders are really knowledgeable, experienced, and oh so nice. They also have great deals.. I love this place

Very nice experience

After having a horrible experience at the 420 spot shop close to this location my boyfriend wanted to go home for the evening, didn't even want to deal going into another shop. I convinced him to go here and it made us both feel so much better. He stayed in the car while I went inside to try and get my pen figured out that was gifted to me and looked at their selection of products. The customer service and vibe was what I was looking for and knew would make my boyfriend feel more at ease so I grabbed him from the car and we looked together. My pen was fully explained to me-how to take it apart/put it back together, what products to use, etc. We left happy and came back on Sunday where they had an amazing 30% sale off everything in the store. I just moved here from fort collins, co and was looking for a new go to shop. The girls were super sweet that helped me and I'll be back again. Thanks!

They take excellent care of their regulars

On my most recent visit, I was having a terrible day and the budtenders, who were unfamiliar to me, were having a bit of trouble suggesting meds that I felt were suitable for my particular use. But, I was taking my time, and determined to find something suitable. Then, after wrapping things up with his current guest, a gentleman who has done a GREAT job helping me in the past stepped in and threw a couple of halves at me with pretty good cbg contents (a few percentage points wouldn't seem like much to a lot of smokers, but a little bit of cbg can really go a long way with some symptoms), and nice buds. I have never felt more properly served in a recreational dispensary, in any state.

This place is good and I have very high standards

I was working in the medical cannabis industry in Colorado, prior to the beginning of recreational sales. I am a medical user. For years, I grew most of my own cannabis. But, I have to resort to the recreational shops around Port Orchard, for the time being. I am not an easy customer to please... But, the products, prices, and budtenders at Pot Zone get the job done. I would definitely recommend the place to anyone.
Jen Rose

Thank you, Pot Zone!

Well, after writing a negative review it's time to give an update. I spoke with a manager at The Pot Zone, and he was so nice! He took his time with me and completely cleared up the situation. I will be returning because of how much I appreciate his willingness to work with me. Thank you, Pot Zone! Jen

Thank you

Today I saw online a product I was interested in for $20, when I arrived to the store and asked for said product, I was informed by the staff that it was an error and the product was actually $25. Of course I was bummed but I was friendly and told them thank you but nevermind, they explained how they're online me for isn't always accurate because it changes so often and it's really made for a guide to see what products there are available. Mistakes happen and I understood that so I let them know it wasn't the end of the world, they then thanked me for being so understanding and gave me the discount anyway.
Jen Rose

You just lost a LOT of business.

I've been with you guys since you opened. Recommended you to many people. That time has come to an abrupt end, sadly. I went into your store per your online advertisement, offering a gram of Evergreen Cotton Candy wax for $20. I was very excited about this deal. Today is Sunday, and this sale is advertised in today's ad. When I got to your store, I noticed someone had changed the in store price of the product to $25. I was surprised, but not too concerned, as Pot Zone stands by their deals, right? Wrong. The day time manager refused to accept their mistake, and give me the product at the online discount. I am absolutely floored! When an establishment offers a product at a certain price, that price should be honored to the customer, because it was YOUR mistake. Your unwillingness to right this wrong will leave you without myself, and a few other customers. I hope that $5 was worth it.

My number 1 shop

I literally only buy from this place. Prices are always good, quality always amazing, daily deals always fire, new product ever time I god. Amazing place.

Great Place To Go

Friendly staff. Great product quality! Great prices!

good daily deals

have never had an issue with the staff all have been freandly and the daily deals are good