H1 - Gelato Ceramic Classic Cartridge


The Classic Ceramic is equipped with a Cermaic Heating Element in a robust metal cartridge. H1 Extracts Gelato offers up insanely vibrant fruity flavors that arouse creativity. This Indica-dominant strain starts with an uplifting head high that gradually streams down the body melting away stress and tension.

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4.7 stars

Decent cart

Nothing special, just a solid cart for $35


Also one of my favorites in the entire pack! Wedding cake is a close second tho!

Most Delicious Gelato

The Gelato is by far my favorite of the set. I got my 1g cartridge from a delivery service in LA. On First sight the oil color is on another level. The cartridge itself is heavy. The hit is heavy too, packed with delicious gelato flavor but the flavor is clean like no other. From start to finish, I was able to take a little over +227 rips from the tank, is that normal ??? I have to put it away, I try to not be hitting it all day too too much or else i feel extra cozy & sleepy
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