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路 Taste: Sweet, Spice, Musky

路 Feeling: Calm, Focused, Happy

路 Description: This head buzz is good for focusing on tasks like clearing you missed calls and setting some time for yourself to just relax.

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3 reviews

5 stars

馃敟 but beware!

As marketed, Cherry Mintz gave me a head buzz almost immediately after inhaling. A balance of being euphoric and present, the high felt like when you take too much of a Sativa dose and you begin to feel groggy and tired. I definitely felt giggly and had the munchies at first but then it knocked me out and I slept for 2 and a half hours. In terms of flavor, Cherry Mintz doesn't taste very cherry-like, which is obvious because names never indicate flavor, but it did taste slightly citrusy and has an underwhelming presence. I enjoy a good hybrid high, and this definitely my favorite one since it feels good in my arms and head, and it feels like it's tickling my trapezius muscles. I don't like that I fell asleep so fast from such a good high. I also think it's a little problematic that Stiiizy doesn't explain if their hybrids are Sativa or Indica dominant, but I'm certain that this one is Sativa dominant, but don't let that fool you it still boasts powerful body effects.
4 months ago
5 stars

Cherry Mints

This line of CDT pods by Stiiizy is in my opinion Top Tier! Quality to the last pull.
7 months ago
5 stars

dam what a nice pod

lot of citrus and pine. not sure about the flavor nothing like cherry mints but really good high. this one munchies hit hard on this pod, but really good cdt. Definitely will again 馃榿
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