Energy 1:1 THC:CBD 250mg


With delicious hints of citrus, Lucid Mood's Energy formula delivers an uplifting buzz with vibrant colors and a clear headspace. Great for hiking, skiing, and working out. Take on the day with Energy!

1:1 THC:CBD plus Pure Terpenes 250mg Sipper Pens.

These fun, discrete, convenient, attractive portable vape pens are great for heading to a concert, movie, show, meeting, cocktail party, before and after a workout. 

These pens require no charging. Simply draw gently from the mouthpiece and you are ready for you next LucidMood experience. When the pen is empty, please be respectful of the environment and dispose of properly.

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2 stars

possible dud?

I purchased my first ever sipper pen in energy. This was my first ever concentrate and I'm 99.9% sure I'm using it correctly as its pretty straightforward. However I feel nothing. I've tried it on several different days and get no effects. I am wondering if I possibly got a dud? For the price it surely is not worth it.
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