Bliss 1:1 THC:CBD 200mg

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Savor the spicy taste of anise and clove as you ease into a blissful feeling of being at peace with the world with Lucid Mood's Bliss formula. Fantastic for unwinding with friends and listening to music. This is what “Getting High” is supposed to feel like.

1:1 THC:CBD plus Pure Terpenes 200mg Sipper Pens.

These fun, discrete, convenient, attractive portable vape pens are great for heading to a concert, movie, show, meeting, cocktail party, before and after a workout. Available in four moods, they can be purchased individually or as a complete set packaged in an elegant silver, engraved carrying case perfect for your purse, pocket, car, laptop bag. You can even mix your moods to tailor your experience. 

These pens require no charging. Simply draw gently from the mouthpiece and you are ready for you next LucidMood experience. When the pen is empty, please be respectful of the environment and dispose of properly.

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