Obama Kush .5g Cartridge


Obama Kush is a potent indica that relaxes your body and mind, with an uplifting spirit. This kush is delicious tasting, leaving hints of cream soda in your mouth!


Instantly added to the staff favorite list here at Claw!

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3 stars


Has an interesting, kushy taste. Very unique and original! Barack himself seems like the guy to smoke this sh!t

A “hint” of Cream Soda????

That’s how the flavor is described by Claw. What I actually got is a full on bombardment of Vanilla. It’s heavy, not a hint. So heavy in fact that it overpowers the cannabis flavor. Had I known that before my purchase I surely wouldn’t have picked this one. But when you’re at a provisioning center you don’t have your phone to look up all the flavor profiles. I don’t like flavored cartridges so I always buy strain specific. If you like vanilla than this cartridge is right up your alley. I hope this helps someone, it cost me $40 to write.
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