Gelato .5g Cartridge


Following the footsteps of parents Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies, Claw Concentrates Gelato captures a full range of sweet and fruity flavors. Feel the Indica-dominant effects on each exhale and experience your body gravitating towards a comfortable couch as your mind travels to new creative heights.

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5 stars

Dessert with a wallop

What a treat! Clean, flavorful with a great profile I expected it would be on the sweet side but it wasn't. Kind of like mellow Juicy Fruit with a punch. I typically vape my flower on concentrates with my Haze V3 so my first hit was way larger than it needed to be. When the coughing subsided I was truly lit, and stayed that way for several hours...lesson learned! Perhaps the greatest benefit was that I was virtually pain free without being sedated which is a blessing since I have had two orthopedic surgeries in the last 9 months! Don't pass this one by...but be careful. Gelato's not just for dessert anymore.

Claw's best hybrid

The Gelato cartridge is, in my opinion, Claw's best hybrid strain. The body effects are very strong and easy to embrace. This is very potent so ease into it and don't rush yourself.


I can't believe it's not nice cream! Ciao Bella!
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