Tropical Trainwreck Refill Cartridge


Aloha! Trainwreck is an epic sativa strain which we have boosted with other tropical terpenes. This blend has hints of pineapple, citrus, and other tropical flavors that are sure to make you think you’re sitting on a beach in Hawaii.

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5 stars

Delicious and potent !!

Tase like a pineapple,apples,mango,berry Express. Im giving the flovor a 10. The high creeps in at about 10 mins then gets heavy. Smooth take off with strong peak gradually to a smooth landing. Good for day and night.

Yup Yup Yup

Okay, I’ve owned the Orchid battery (free) and Tropical Trainwreck for about 2 1/2 hours now. I am HIGH and loving it! This is the closest to flower I have ever come in a vape...period! The flavor is out of this world. WOW I’m sold. $74 total with the promotion and I will return! Can’t wait to try the other strains. 😜

Best pen. Hands down

Wow. Fire doesn’t even cover it. The flavor is pure coconut with a pineapple finish. The effect is crazy. One hit and you’re done.

Fire pen , hands down

first let me stay their not cheap , in Losnagles it runs you 88.15 after tax , so they say 70 just the cart but with tax , these get me blown right away , I'm a very heavy smoker so this thing last about 4 days but if you still on it and take little puffs it last for a week
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