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How ya like them apples...slushie!! PLUGplay introduces their newest addition to the PLUG EXOTICS family: Apple Slushie. Its crisp and refreshing taste is the perfect pick-me-up no matter what time of the day.

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4.5 stars

Great Flavor & Still Potent

Heres a review that will actually help you as far as Plug N Play... The "darker" "burnt tasting" oil some ppl refer to are FAKE Plug n Play cartridges! To be real they need to be bought from ONLY registered venders with the company. Pay the extra $5-$10 for the Real Deal.

Expectations met.

Tastes really great and sweet but potent at the same time! definitely the flavor you want around Halloween lol .. but yeah I would definitely buy this one again!

Lucky Boy

I've tasted this pod from two people I know and every time it tasted burnt and nasty. Put me off for a long time. But yesterday I decided to buy it for myself from Sunvalley Caregivers. Everything of course was up to standards. When I hit it I instantly fell in love. Tasted exactly like the name says. I'll definitely pick up again.

Good or Bad Batch 🍏

So far as of right now the apple slushie is a hit or miss. You might get a nice gold wax, and the taste would be the same as always 👍 or you might get a darker aged wax that taste burnt or some also I noticed the terps taste off also on some good batches. I’m giving this 5 stars since it’s still my go to flavor. If you guys do pick up a good batch it will be really good so be on the look out! 🍏

good but not great

Flavor in comparison to all the other ones I've tried is the least great. not necessarily bad but I wouldn't get this one again


Used to be a long time advocate for these TYPICALLY tasty and high quality oils. However, I’ve now had multiple “bad batches” as they call them. This has only been from Strawberry, Apple, & Grape which is essentially ripping just the metal and cotton, as the oil itself does not mesh properly. Company is yet to acknowledge the situation. Long story short, Strawberry Champagne put me into CARDIAC ARREST due to the insane metal toxicity. I was then never replied to by the company. DONT BE FOOLED.
Hi Srichards10. Unfortunately, going off of the description of your experience, it seems that you may have been a victim of counterfeit products. Our Strawberry Champagne is currently going through a reformulation, and has been for some time, and thus, should be out of circulation. We always advise our customers to only shop at our authorized retailers, which you can find on our site, or to look for WeedMaps verified retailers.
Official Response

Usually my fav

Usually get this one all the time, but my last two carts ended up both tasting like 85% metal and barely some apple. I can barely enjoy the high because the taste remains in my mouth for every after I hit it, Grape Ape And Strawberry again I guess
Hi skylaaa! 😊Thank you for your honest review, we truly appreciate it. We sincerely apologize about the experience you have had with our products! In the future, if you have received a defective cartridge from an authorized retailer, you can definitely take it back to the shop you purchased it from and they should do an exchange for you. 💚Please let us know if you need any assistance in the future by reaching out to us on IG (@plugplayallday_) or email (
Official Response

Flavor okay but....

Barely any high at all. Quite disappointing after having tried the pineapple cooler first which was the still to this day the strongest I've ever tried. This one is better than a preroll.

This is the first PLUG I tired and got me hooked

I love the flavor of this Apple Slushie pod and I prefer weed terpenes but this is a nice little change if you dont like a strong weed tasting profile and want that high this is where you go to. When I got this PLUG it was tested around 960+mg thc which is honestly incredible, remember the plug itself is 1000mg so these PLUGs are pushing almost pure amounts of thc and its apparent when you take a few blinkers how medicated you get.

It’s only okay !!

So this one does taste good (apple flavor) however, the high lasts for only like an hour or so. I also notice this one burns faster than the other ones. To clear things up, I did get a legit cartridge from a legit dispensary.

Of the exotics - my least favorite

The taste is great. Who cares. Who is the high. At first - as with grape soda and pineapple cooler - I liked it. Ie the first 8 hits. However the cerebral side fades quickly and leaves a eh so comfortable body high. Odd mixture. Clear headed body stone. Reloading - gets similar effects - a little less tiredness. Was hoping for a good 50/50 - and genetics product. I’ll finish it, but I’m getting less enthused by the brand and limited strains. Best delivery system out three. They need more DNA strains and to tell us - even loosely, the parents of the exotics. Otherwise - I’m sure the high is goof for some and it’s strong and I’ve got a wicked tolerance. So keep in mind. Example of 70% vs 90% - I can smoke 85%?of a .5mg. Legion cart and be the same after 8-12 hits of the play. Just looking for the right high. King Louie and Fire OG are sleep strains. Not 8pm. Pineapple Express is pretty racy and is jack (just got that one). GSC - who cares. Elegance.

Over 100 puffs w/ 5-6 second draws

I was really curious as to see how many hits I could get out of a PlugPlay pod personally compared to the 300 hits advertised (for beginners they are recommended to take 2 second hits). I ended up using this strain three times to count the number of hits I got out of each pod. Ended up averaging around 105 hits with 5-6 seconds drags on average. Very happy with the results especially with this super potent and tasty apple jolly rancher tasting strain. Keep it up PlugPlay! P.S. @FreeSolo420 Stiiizy has tested positive for benzene in their oil. I'm sure they're on different batches now but PlugPlay has never failed any tests to date.




a must try!

Hell yeah finally a potent product

I started off with stiiizy but once their lab results started going down it was obvious that I had to find a stronger product and plug n play comes through

Great taste

First time with this brand, and I have to say, tastes amazing, and it’s potent. Will definitely continue to support.

best flavor

i'm on my 3rd catridge in 3weeks thanks.


Fun taste and effects


Good but I dont know what im vaping. I dont see any lab testing results anywhere from this company. This is why Stiizy has me won. I know they pass lab tests.


Agree that it’s like a Apple JollyRancher taste. Will try other flavors.
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