PLUG DNA: King Louie Xlll


To experience cannabis-derived terpenes and cannabinoids at their finest, connect with a DNA Plug. PLUGplay debuts its King Louie Xlll in the DNA line. Experience the spicy terpene profile of the original cultivar as pine, and sour aromatics fill the air with every exhale. King Louis XIII cannabinoids deliver muscle relaxation and ease tension as your consciousness lulls and wanders to sleep.


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4.2 stars

Good high

I’m loving blinkers only at night after 12 hours shift I totally recommend it 👌🏼👌🏼


If you didn’t buy your pod from a licensed dispensary on PLUGplay’s website don’t bother leaving a review pls.

this stuff is good

but there's no way I'm going to pay the prices you guys are asking I can see $40 45 but 65 that's highway robbery for a gram of oil but you can get for thirty bucks and still get high your loss not mine


Very tasty cart. It's just not as potent as the Fire OG or GSC. GSC is the shit!!!

Like a Frieght Train

You already know that Plug Play has been killing the game. This pod is no exception, 1 hit had me coughing my lungs out and gave me a really good body relaxed high. 10/10 would recommend if you need to relax, have pain, need to sleep, and want to enjoy a good munchies sesh

Black_ahk_tober on Instagram

I’ve smoked every 🛒 by plug and play and best hands down I read the different reviews and obviously theirs a troll saying there’s bad taste or burnt cart totally bullshit 🛑 The only one that I didn’t really like the taste was the Pineapple Cooler..But still was jet fuel ⛽️ But the rest are above average no 🧢Only bad thing there just starting so I can only enjoy in Cali

No joke

The best carts on the market. I’ve been a big stiizy users and these just blow them away. It’s straight up a dab in a pen the shit is crazy. This one doesn’t have much flavor but I tried the pineapple one in the store and it’s gas, not too fruity either still had that actual bud taste. Fire



Taste is whatever not the best

I expected it to taste better but it gets the job done



best plugs

these the best plugs og

Got a bad cart

Couple last carts I’ve got had a bad burnt nasty taste . Luckily dispensary exchanged it for another one . Hope plug n play isn’t cheaping out on quality

Fire OG tastes better but this is still great

To be honest the fire og does have a better taste profile but king Louie does not disappoint what so ever on the potency ladder this is way up there. Don’t be surprised if one or two hits is all it takes to feel a head change these plug plays are no joke! This one is kind of similar to stiiizys hardcore og in taste it’s kind of spicy/herbal it’s good tho.

Louise XIII

This one grew on me. Very satisfying and a quality product overall (size, material(s), function).

Good one to keep by the bed at night

Just took a rip of the King Louis rn as I'm writing this review and I can assure you all the taste is still similar from when they switched from the grey tip covers to the light blue. Also I can tell you from after about a min this oil is indeed just as potent loll. Between ASCND, Select, Jetty, Bloom, Rove, Raw Garden, and other brands I've tried. PlugPlays are the best overall value imo. P.S. @lvftbxr yea I'm not sure why ur getting drastic results compared to me, The Circle looks legit. I'm going on to my 40th PlugPlay pod and haven't had any issues myself (no leaks, burned tastes, nothing). A good blinker hit off work and I'm lit. I'm getting them in the OC but the batches should be the same going to LB which isn't that far.. Maybe try one of the Exotic strains for one last go? If I remember correctly the Apple slushie had the darkest color oil out of the recent PlugPlay lineup I picked up (picked up all the flavors minus Orange Cream and Pound Cake). Still the same thick oil and great taste on the Apple slushie. I know these pods aren't cheap, wish u the best man!

whats going on???

maaaaannn dont start with the bullshit ive been buying these carts for a years and these use to SLAP the color is now lighter,it tastes lighter and different,and the high doesn't last c'mon you guys had a good ass thing just shitting on. a good thing....
Sorry to hear that! If you feel that you've received a defective cartridge, feel free to bring it back to the shop you purchased it from for an exchange. You can also contact us through Instagram at plugplayallday_ or reach us at for further assistance. Again, my apologies for the inconvenience and we will work hard to make sure this doesn't happen again!
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Quality has definitely changed and dropped...

Oh no!!! It’s not what if used to be anymore. It’s the reason why I switched from stiiizy to plug n play. Color is waaay lighter now, and it no longer tastes like the strain. and doesn’t even get you that high smh. For some reason I’ve noticed a trend with these vape companies, as soon as they get big, and they have more demand, the quality drops big time. Am so over vapes all together. Am sticking to flower from now on. P.s my cart wasn’t fake. I buy mines at The Circle, in Long Beach ca. I also buy them from Chronic lb, which is also in Long Beach.
Thank you for the feedback, and we apologize for your experience. We take quality very seriously, and will definitely look into this further so we can work on improving! If you feel that your product is defective, feel free to bring it back to the shop you purchased it from for an exchange. We are also always available to chat on our IG plugplayallday_ or at
Official Response

Important Review

I’ve been using these pods for more than a year now, there is rarely bad batches, people who are leaving bad reviews are receiving fake carts. If you don’t have a batch id and manufacture date on it which is a sticker located on the top front, then it’s fake. Please stop damaging their amazing name with reviews of a fake product. They need to grow and succeed, and they can’t make more amazing pods if people are leaving shit reviews because of their fake products. Now when you’re browsing weedmaps, look for the check mark ✅ it’s blue, in the menu of the dispensary you are browsing, then the product is most likely real when you go, however, you still need to verify if the lab test are on the package of the cart it is sealed. Be safe everyone and enjoy the best pods, I just picked up this Louis XIII and it’s amazing as it should be, sleeping like a baby and couch locked so hard.

Good indica

Tasted a little burnt maybe that’s just the taste. Other than that 3 puffs and you’re good to go. Will decide which one is better after I get fire og

2 pod

Enjoyed the oil but I felt like it burns to quick, mostly lasting me 2 days tops.
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