PLUGplay is pleased to connect you with their PLUG DNA: Fire OG cartridge. A few puffs of this Plug cannabis extraction delivers a pine and citrus flavor profile and calming effects. PLUG DNA: Fire OG is an Indica, and provides soothing relief with every drag. 

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4.4 stars

Leaking pod didn’t get as high disappointed

First time buying a plug play spent about $80 at a licensed dispensary. I purchased it with high hopes because of how recently most brand cartridges just weren’t getting me high anymore. Most aspects of this brand pod are spot on from flavor and vapor but for Me lacked in potency plus the added disruption that my pod had began to leak I noticed this because of how the top of the pod mouthpiece become covered coated in some of the oil so clearly this cart leaks and spits. Due to this leak no more than a full day had gone by before I realized my pod had run empty? Apparently these pods are top quality so along comes a top quality price that rages from $60-$70 which is pretty expensive for a pod to leak and run out after literally one day of use and a handful amount of times I was actually able to puff it. I plan to give it another shot maybe not the same pod but as of right now This earns it a 2.5 with a big factor falling on how it was a defective pod Nobody likes to throw away medicine
Hi Getting2it! 😊Thank you for your honest review, we truly appreciate it. We sincerely apologize about the experience you have had with our products! In the future, if you have received a defective cartridge, you can definitely take it back to the shop you purchased it from and they should do an exchange for you. 💚Please let us know if you need any assistance in the future by reaching out to us on IG (@plugplayallday_) or email (
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Good "Anytime" Cartridge

Tastes just like the real strain, packs a pretty good OG Punch w/out putting you to sleep. Always buy from registered venders for Plug N Play! There are a lot of FAKES out there that have a "darker" oil and have packaging with no safety seal... These are not real. Spend the extra $5-$10 and get the real Plug n Play, you wont be disapointed.


Not sure if it was a bad batch but purchased at a fully compliant/licensed shop, and the Fire OG tastes terrible. honestly tastes like a weird low grade OG trim. Had the test sticker and everything and can provide batch #RDC111PPF0 if needed. 100% legitimate pod. Wish I would have known before dropping 60$ on it ... really dissapointed cause I had high hopes with plugPlay
Hi Exclusive626! 🙌Thank you for taking time to write this review, we truly appreciate it. We fully stand by the quality of our products and will pass this feedback to our team ASAP so they can look into this! In the future, if you have received a defective cartridge, you can take it back to the shop you purchased it from and they should do an exchange for you. 💚Please let us know if you need any assistance in the future by reaching out to us on IG (@plugplayallday_) or email (
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OG Fuego 🔥

straight put me to sleep lol I didnt even get to finish my movie.. been smacking this flavor all day and all night. honestly prefer this over the king louie

Straight fire, super piney og kush taste

Super piney terps taste great about three blinkers is all it takes to start getting lifted, really good pods that are filled to the the rim and are worth it. This is the best pod ive tried I would like to try the masterpiece og but it has not been in stock lately.



best pod & strain there is

I have tried muitpuable plug and playy & out of all of them the fire og is the best in taste but it smacks me in the face it really is 🔥🔥🔥


Buy these from a shop ONLY on PLUGplay’s list of clinics. Otherwise it’s most likely an illegitimate pod.

the best plug 🔥

fire og is so 🔥 its a heavy hitter love it gets you high with 1 or 2 hits defiantly recommend this strain

Not for me

I found this cart to be too harsh for some reason. It did not have the potency I was expecting. However, the flavor is superior. I do prefer the girl scout cookies over this cart though, I felt it was a much stronger high.


the vapor is harsh, imo - i wonder if a temp adjustment would have solved it


King Louie is farrrrr better


10/10 fire ass pod shit smackes it put me to sleep🔥


This strain is exactly what it claims to be FIRE!!! A couple of hits had me faded off my ass lol

Piney and potent

Taste like some piney kush the pod is great potent and strong indica effects I like the fact that when they say it’s for the nighttime it really has those effects and the daytime really does get me kinda wired but in a good way.

Fire OG

Yes I just copped a Fire OG cart. I had one before and the oil is a little clear. I was a little worried after the 1st two hits because it didn’t feel that potent. The 3rd time was a charm ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥People always saying it taste burnt is bc the longer you pull on it the more the oil is heating up and smoke in your mouth can leave a slight burnt taste. Especially taking a pull off a fresh battery charge. This applies more to DNA bc it’s a weed strain. If you want taste stick to the flavor Exotics. They still are potent. I’m lit. Maybe that’s why this review is hella long. 🤷🏾‍♂️


Yep! I've tried all their pods (minus orange cream and pound cake) when they had the grey cover tips and the new batch with the light blue cover tips. The oil colors for some of the flavors definitely seem to look more clear but the oil thickness is still there and going onto my 35th-40th pod I can tell you they are still just as potent lol


Has anybody tried the new batch of this Fire Og made in the month of May? Mine is really clear, almost see through oil. Usually they’re oil is golden. And the packaging is larger now for he pods with a plastic in the front. Has anybody seen these? Weird but I like the clear ass oil just wondering ???

Fire OG

Plugplay battery is a definite front runner as far as batteries go, I’ve tried 2 cartridges PE and Fire OG and the Fire OG was definitely less potent. My opinion is they need to make some improvements with the oil. Very mediocre
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