Pax Era Pod Sour Diesel Live Resin 500mg - REC


Puffs from this pod are sure to rev-up your engines. The Lab Colorado is pleased to offer Pax Era Pod Sour Diesel Live Resin, packing 500 mg of THC per cartridge. First The Lab Colorado’s master growers cultivated premium Sour Diesel flowers, then after harvest froze those buds to capture Sour Diesel’s characteristics at their peak. The result was a powerful live resin, encased in Pax’s sturdy and discreet Era Pods. These pods were designed to circumvent the issues people run into with traditional cartridges, including a square design that fits inside their vape pen and leakage protection system to keep that precious oil safe, secure, and smokeable.

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    3 stars

    Ditch the PG already

    They’ll get 3 stars for consistency and flavor but why are they using pg? Idc if it’s a small amount, by the end of the day my throat burns pretty bad. Again tho, in terms of flavor they are the best around. I would love to see the market open up a little with these carts because pax definitely is my favorite.
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