Pax Era Pod Sativa Budder 500mg - REC


Fresh from the lab comes Pax Era Pod Sativa Budder packing 500 mg of active THC. This adult use Pod contains budder derived from a blend of premium Sativa flowers then packaged in Pax’s incredibly convenient Era Pods. Pax Era Pods are designed to be sturdy and discreet, the square shape fits perfectly inside the Pax pen, hiding its oil content and reducing the chance of surface damage. The nickel alloy heating coil produces the best drags, and with Pax’s leakage protection system your oil is sure to stay in the pod. For a quick and discreet pick-me-up, look no further than The Lab Colorado.

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5 stars


Tastes great and very solid high. Definitely on the sativa spectrum, energetic and creative.
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