Pax Era Pod Bubba Kush Live Resin 500mg - REC


Sleek and Small Design: Most of the pod fits into the stick, taking up less space in your pocket.

Square is Sturdy: Square pod design reduces the kind of breakage elongated cartridges can be susceptible to in your pocket.

Leakage Protection System: Includes system to prevent leakage of oil in cases of environmental stress.

Nickle Alloy Heating Coil: Chosen from a large variety of materials tested during development to produce the best vapor production.

Discreet Oil window of the cartridge is not visible when inserted into the stick, so no one knows what you are up to.

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3 stars

What a waste

Started out great, but doesnt last long. The cartridge crystallized and became unusable before it was half gone. Contacted The Lab, but no response. Don't waste your money.

Best Product Ever!!!

LIT from the moment you taste it to the moment you exhale it, the taste is amazing by far the best tasting live resin I have ever had and I mean EVER in 15 yrs of medicating. That pax pod packs a punch as well not just loaded with terpenes also gets the job done as far as treating my anxiety and pains. hands down product of the year in my eyes 10/10 100% efficient sleek easy to use, oh and the app is a game changer was able to find my perfect temp for premium rips with premium taste yet again just perfection!
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