Releaf™ Balm 3:1 CBD:THC 600mg

Product description

Our balm is the product that started it all. Our award-winning balms provide targeted relief to the applied areas. The Cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin but do not enter the bloodstream and are non-psychoactive.

Available in 15 ML and 50 ML sizes.


Apply balm liberally and gently massage over affected area until completely absorbed. Repeat 3 or more times daily as need. Store in a cool place. Consult your doctor if irritation develops.

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49 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars

Legit,this stuff works!

I have really bad arthritis in hands. I've had CMC thumb fusion in both hands and right pinky finger fusion. Im a truck driver and I wake up with very stiff hurting hands. Without this product I would not be able to drive. I use 3:1 600mg. It has given me my life back.
5 stars

WOW, it's Amazing!

It was pretty expensive. Bought it for my father who had fractured his ankle bone at work. His foot was massive! Prior to buying this balm, we were using another balm we got over the counter at the grocery store and it wasn't helping him at all. After first application of the relief balm, my father said he felt immediate relief. Over the course of 3 days we elevated the foot and applied the relief balm. To my surprise the swelling had substantially gone down—his foot almost looked normal! There was still an obvious swelling which was probably the lowest we could have gotten it to, but the results were amazing! Over the next week, he explained how the balm had practically made the pain unnoticeable. He probably got used to the pain, but I argue that the relief balm probably brought the pain level down enough so that it was something he could forget about... more details on IG:cannabisappreciator
1 month ago
5 stars

Use for everything

I use this product for my carpal tunnel, knee injury, tension in neck and shoulders. Love it.
2 months ago
5 stars

hope in a jar

I have lupus and I was so tired of trying all these different pills. I was giving up hope until my husband bought me this balm. I do not smoke and I don't like the high feeling as much as most . not only did it make my pain disappear but didn't have any psychoactive effects at all! just sweet pain relief and muscle tension relaxation. I havent used any of my prescription pain medication since getting these and the patches! I also tried some on my scalp during a flair up. inflammation gone! and barely any hair fall this time. I was seriously starting to give up hope. papa and barkley is giving me my life back
2 months ago
5 stars

Take Me Away!

Wow. Just wow. This stuff works great. I’m a chronic pain sufferer and take hydrocodone for symptoms. This stuff works wonders. Really. I have been buying and using topicals and this one one of the BEST. I apply this to aches and pains and follow up with a gel cap and - when combined with my night time sleep assist - I can actually sleep. I sleep so great. It’s wonderful.
3 months ago
5 stars

The real deal!

Tried to leave an earlier review but I think it got deleted. This stuff saved my mothers sanity, thank you! wonders on chronic pain
4 years ago
5 stars

Life changing!

This balm is amazing! My mom (age 64) and my dad (age 68) both have sever neck pain and have trouble with sleeping comfortably despite their $6000 mattress and $200 pillows. I have them this balm to try and within 48 hours both of them reported sleeping pain free for the first time in years. I have also used this for relieving my own hip pain after years of playing sports it's changed the way I go through everyday routines. Well done Papa & Barkely!
3 years ago
5 stars


I got a free sample of this and can't even believe how well it works to relieve all my aches and pains!! Don't waste your money on anything else this product is the one!!
1 year ago
5 stars

It was the balm

I used it on a fractured arm twice a day for two weeks and the fracture was healed. I really do believe it was the the balm that did it. By the way I'm 60 years old
11 months ago
5 stars

This is a lifesaver.

My shoulder is a mess. I wake up every time I move in my sleep with massive pain. But since I started putting this on at bedtime it’s been a game changer. Instead of waking up almost hourly, I maybe notice the pain once or twice and it’s not even that bad. This is the best product possible for pain.
3 years ago
5 stars


I bought this specifically for knee pain. It’s from an old injury years ago. My range of motion had been really bad - less than 90 degrees for bending. I use the balm at night and massage it in. General aches are gone and I got a few degrees of motion back - I’m assuming the anti-inflammatory properties of the balm helped. This might not sound like a big deal, but it was enough to let me go up and down stairs without using the hand rail. I’m super grateful for the actual relief this balm has given me.
3 years ago
5 stars

The best topical!!!

Don’t try any others, I wasted so much $$$ on ones that just were bengay... papa & Barkley heats you up...and actually takes the pain away or curbs it enough to get out of bed! it’s simply amazing. It got me thru major surgery & I also use it daily, for pain. 3:1 THC:CBD THANK YOU 🖤PAPA & BARKLEY!!!!
9 months ago
5 stars

Saved my Sanity!

I absolutely Love Papa and Barkley’s CBD rich balm! I take pain meds but sometimes my pain level is so high that this balm is a necessity in my household. Thank you for making this product.
9 months ago
5 stars

Awsome body slave

This and their larger 3:1 thx/CBD is excellent for body joint pain. Relieves muscle pain immediately. Great to massage into skin. In heAt turns oily, so good to wear cotton clothing over the area applied to.
2 years ago
5 stars

Great stuff!

I’ve broken my cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, as well as my coccyx (sacrum) and have had multiple surgeries & rods/plates/screws installed. This cream is amazing for back pain, and related muscular pain. It’s effective and may be used sparingly. It’s costly, but well worth it!
2 years ago
5 stars

Heals everythign skin

I am so impressed with this balm and have begun to use it on anything related to skin. I discovered it when I got terrible poinsion oak all over my body. This was the only thing that gave relief. My partner also used it for a hemmriod that he had and it healed it so quickly after attempting to heal it with OTC drugs from the pharmacy. I have also used it on acne and a skin infection that I had and everytime it gives instant relief.
5 stars

If you need CBD use this one best one hands down

This CBD has changed my life tremendously, I will forever use this and recommend it to anyone who has severe pain and inflammation! I have digenerative disk disease and a torn MCL from years ago and the swelling in both is completely gone from only a month of using this product! It’s amazing! And this brand is safe for pets which I love! They have a bunch of other stuff you can use like patches ect for pain and inflammation. It’s also like a coconut oil base consistency so when you put it on it doesn’t feel like it’s caked on there and it’s instant relief as soon as you put it on, you can put it on as much as you want! Wish you could rate it more than 5 stars that’s how good this product is!
5 stars

Top Notch Product.

Hands down best topical rub I have ever used. if you suffer from any aches and or pains in the body this is the cure. the 3 to 1 ratio balm is the bomb!
4 years ago
5 stars


Wish I was able to find other products they have closer to me but this salve is wow worth every dime!
10 months ago
5 stars

Works Good & Smells bomb 👌

Was a little iffy about this stuff but kinda shook I had relief instantly
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