Native Roots Dispensary Littleton

3.4 stars by 41 reviews
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3.4 stars

overpriced and not good quality

$37 for their cheapest 1/8 that are bottom self. I think they are smoking too much of their product to be charging that much.

Better places to go

Been here a couple times. Most of the staff is friendly. Prices are way to high though, considering the potency and quality of their products. Over all I'd much rather go somewhere else and save the $10+ they will overcharge you here

Weed so bad it'll make you want to do harder drugs

Signed up as a member here , ngl just for the 50 dollar ounce , so I almost didn't really fee inclined to write a review but holy shit I'm glad I am because it's not even worth 50 dollars . Some of worst bud in the state , hands down . I have friends who work for native roots , and they always called it mids but I thought it was just a joke . Holy shit no . Smoked an entire backwoods , 3.5 grams rolled up . Barely buzzed. Smoked a huge joint again, barely anything . All this bud is machine trimmed , dry as the Sahara desert , not a trich in site . Pure bullshit . I could grow circles around your herb . I am taking my plant rights back in 2 weeks . This place is an absolute joke . However nice staff!!

rude staff and high prices

The staff acts like they are the only dispensary in town. The prices are the same way. High prices all around.


no indica joints!!!

employees need to be trained

the guy working at the front needs to be updated on ids and customer service wish i would have gotten his name. this is the only store that has ever told me they cant expect my license because it says not for federal purpose. That means I cant fly or leave the US due to losing my divorce papers and my last name on my birth certificate not matching my social security card. He pretty much threw my id at me and told me to leave. I asked why and he said this says not for federal purpose really what does that have to do with me smoking a joint? went across town to house of dankness they had no problem taking my id and helping me with some fire bud! shout out to the great employees of house of dankness. ill never return to native roots again.

Native roots review

Fast and friendly service accompanied by amazing products! Have some especially delicious concentrates!! Would definitely recommend!!

Worst flower

This review is based on their flower. It’s awful. Some of the worst I’ve seen in over 6 years. Very, very, very dry and whoever trims the flower is absolutely awful. Not sure how this gets by management. There are better options within a short drive to find way better quality flower.

One of the Most Overpriced/ Expensive Dispensary

Eventhough, I live nearby. I only come in once, maybe twice a year. Only when they heavily discount their prices. They don't offer anything I can't get for much less around town based on my shatter purchase. This is on the Med. side, completely, forget shopping on the Rec. side, as they really take advantage of customers on price. If you shop here, your either a millionaire, or just plain ignorant!

Don't waste your time or money!

I was in a hurry to get some flower before work so I tried this place out since it's the closest dispensary to my house, to keep it simple, I will never return and I'm even morr disappointed after smoking a bowl. first off, minimal selection of flower to choose from, nothing is discounted or more expensive than the other flower, and it's all highly over priced. Not to mention, the quality of all the flower I looked at was sub-par at best. The dispensary I go to normally sells much better weed for roughly half the price, give one take some depending on their quantity. Sadly to say, I will never purchase flower again from here and I will never recommend this place to anyone for flower. can't comment on any other products of theirs. good luck.

Great Service

Very friendly and knowledgable. Just moved here from Seattle and I am very impressed with how they conduct their business!

Great staff and even better product

Manager Nick took care of me today. Went above and beyond was was expected. This is becoming my #1 dispensary more and more. Thanks again for the amazing service guys and gals

Worst experience I've had so far.

I visit this store frequently everytime I've been in before I've had a Pleasant experience well not this time. I was helped by a very rude and angry Chinese American gentlemen he was very hostile needless to say I was shocked as every time I've been in before the staff has been wonderful they're always nice and friendly unlike this guy. I made the mistake of telling him I was in the store that day shopping for my chronically ill father who has frequent back and neck pain and a 2nd grade TBI he then promptly told me I'm not selling you anything you can take what I've already rung up and leave he told me I'm not allowed to purchase for my 50yr old father who was in pain so I left and took my business to Colorado Cannabis Connection they were more than happy to help me and they were all extremely professional I plan on taking my business else where from now on. This incident at the store Occurred on 3/12/18.

Great bud great people

Always friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Amanda was the best 🙂

Amanda was awesome! She helped me find the best wax I wanted and also told me about the amazing flower pricing you have now! She is the best! 👌A++
Native Roots Dispensary Littleton
Lakewood, CO
Thanks for the kind words! Hope to see you soon.
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More concerned with selling glass pipes to morons than selling weed. Stood in the shop for 10 mins while some jerkoffs debated which pipe they should buy. The worker douche couldn't even be bothered to say acknowledge my existence with a quick "I'll be with you shortly" I sure do hope those two people lap check that goddamn pipe.

Don't. Waste. Your. Time.

Nasty weed. Shitty service. Went up the street to Colorado Cannabis Connection and not only spent less money, but also much better quality weed. Native roots has turned into the biggest tourist trap in Denver. Want quality? Avoid here.

great service

polite greeting when I walked in, everyone was happy to be there.. after going through the doors Daniel was very attentive and helped me get everything I need.

Good job

Staff was great, $5 joints top notch.

Nice budtender

The wait was short. Selection was slightly small. Prices were comparable to other locations. The budtender was friendly. The dispensary was clean and modern.