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4.5 stars

Defective Cartridge

We had great service and hospitality. However when purchasing a cart we were assured it was universal and would work with the standard battery. After getting home and testing it does not work, and the design is different from the previous carts we had, possibly defective with no hole at the bottom for air flow or at least not universal as promised. Nonetheless spent about 35 dollars on a cartridge I’ll never get to use since we were just making a quick stop in Boulder on vacation...

Don’t go here

I bought a $30 g of shatter and got home and it was empty. What the fuck. Fuck this place over priced everything go down the street to trill alternatives.


Jason! Jason, really took care of me. I had issues getting in the day before, with my ID (different employee). Tried my luck and went back. Jason was extremely knowledgeable and made it a point to help me out. Recommended some really good stuff, and just all around pleased with the whole situation. Thank you Jason

Free doobie cheap edibles

Title says it all fire sativa elixir and a free doobie can’t beat it.

Free doobie and cheep good edibles

Spent 21$ for a 100mg sativa elixer and asked cola all reasonably priced and left with a .01c joint. All nice and professional it’s underground in front of Haagen Daaz by the way :)

Pretty Solid

Native Roots has pretty solid bud, although some of their cheaper stuff isn't always the best. All around, pretty solid.

Do yourself a favor and walk down to Trill

Experience started fine, receptionist is great. store is clean. however when you start looking at your what you want to buy is where it gets weird. Bud tender takes out a few jars and sets them on the counter i decide to open one. dear god youd thought i smashed something..... hes like i have to open them.... well dude its already opened. so then i ask for some concentrates and he will not let me hold the jar only he could. like wtf......very odd. ive never not been able to look at my concentrates more hands on as well as my bud. not a good experience. needless to say if you have 0 knowledge on pot stop here... however if you want a friendly more hands on experience check out Trill, very nice people!

Best of the best

Hands down the best experience in dispensaries we have had. They are super knowledgeable about their product line. They are super refined and efficient in their holding of clients. The store is refined and professional in appearance. Love this spot and the other branches of the Native Roots family.

Incredible experience

Todd helped us gain knowledge that we never had before, he went through information on edibles, vapes, and everything else to make sure that we have a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend for anyone with beginner or advanced knowledge to go hear!

great place

great pre rolls for a great price.

from Las Vegas

Was touring Pearl Street, reminds me of First Friday minus the Food Trucks. BTW, Pearl Street is the shit!! Came across Native Roots, got lost at first! Went into the head shop and thought it was the Dispensary at first, clearly not a Dispensary because...well, it's a HEAD SHOP😄 Found out Native was right next door 🤔I see how sneaky that was putting a Head Shop right next to a Dispensary 👍 Really nice, small store, nice employees. Couldn't​ go ALL out and buy what I wanted cause I leave in 1 day, but I did pick up 2 pre's and a Edible. The Strawberry Crunch Bar was tasty and creamy while it melted, but after eating 20mg and waiting 45, the effects were minimal. I'm not a Edible guy, but when you cant smoke in a hotel, there's only so much you can do. Especially when trying to respect where I am. The pre's are nice!!! Pineapple Express was FLAVORFUL, same goes for Flo. Never tired Flo, so Colorado, you popped my cherry 🤗 Hope to come back sometime soon. Until then, Cheers 😎

Highly recommend

Great service, quality cannabis, and the prices are right on spot keep up the good work


I am under the impression dispensaries are considered a customer service industry...someone should let the Native Roots Pearl Street staff know. Go to The Farm off Iris and 28th. They know what's up.

worst experiences ever

Jordan is the worst budtender I have ever had! Had to direct the conversation about the product the whole time. Walked out empty handed, purely based off of refusing to purchase from someone like Jordan.

yea yea yea!!!

loved it the staff was helpful azz hell and prices where low thankz guys!!!
Native Roots Dispensary Boulder
Thank you so much for the kind words. So glad we are able to help you out! Hope to see you soon!
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came from out of state- very welcoming and helpful staff. very good atmosphere and made me and my mom feel confident and safe our purchases! 💯
Native Roots Dispensary Boulder
Thank you so much for the kind words. So glad we are able to help you out! Hope to see you soon!
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Not Satisfied

All bud is pre-dosed and I definitely got less of an amount than what I paid for. The staff were talking to each other the entire time while I was at the counter and I felt ignored. The guy only looked at me when I told him what I wanted, didn't even say thanks or bye when I left. I felt like I was an inconvenience for interrupting a conversation, so it probably doesn't matter to them that I won't ever come come back.
Native Roots Dispensary Boulder
boconative327, Thank you so much for shopping with us and taking your time to leave a review. We are sorry to hear that you had such an unpleasant experience. I have connected with our store manager, Jenifer, and she is happy to try to make it right with you upon your next visit. Once again, we apologize for your experience and your feedback will help us to improve our service to all patients and customers. We hope to see you again. -Native Fam
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Great place!

Haven't been disappointed! Great bud, great prices & awesome customer service. I travel a lot and make it a point to go to your other stores.

Extract Game 💯

Best selection and price points for extracts in town - my buddy brought me in here a couple of months ago and its the only place I spend my money at now. If you dab, you should check this place out. Customer service is exceptional and its run very well in my opinion.

Best In Boulder

I've been getting my flower, extract, and edibles there for over a year now. Hands down, Native Roots in Boulder has the best selection and most up-to-date menus in town. Visually stunning, and service is top shelf just like their products. I tell friends and family this is the only place to shop. I would give a sixth star if I could! Shout-Outs to the Native Fam!