Native Roots Dispensary Austin Bluffs

4.4 stars by 112 reviews
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4.4 stars

Nice place, but....

I don't write reviews... unless I have an experience beyond the mundane. Truth be told, this place probably would earn a much higher rating, if it weren't so shady. The budtenders were pleasant enough, and seemed fairly knowledgeable, which makes the rest of the experience that much more disturbing. While they do have a decent selection of edibles, concentrates, and topicals, I went in looking for good flower. After looking at a list of their available strains, I was shown a pre-pack, low-price point flower. What I was shown in the store didn't look half bad considering the bargain pricing... small, but solid buds, with a nice frosty coat, little diamonds sparkling... that is what I agreed to purchase. What was in my bag when I got home would barely qualify as mulch. Scraggly, tiny, wispy, untrimmed buds... I'm old. I remember the lean years during prohibition... I'd take 70's ditch weed over this crap. I spoke to the budtenders long enough to know that they are aware of what good marijuana should be... There's no way they sold me that schwag by mistake. It had to be a deliberate bait-and-switch... a rope-a-dope if you will... Show me the good weed, clinch the sale, turn my attention elsewhere, and grab the crap sack to put in my bag. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've fallen prey to a con or two in the past. This gave me that exact same feeling, and my instincts tell me it's institutional, not just a rogue employee. Calling them the Wal-Mart of weed is an insult to an institution that at least is honest about selling cheap crap. This place had potential, but fool me once....

Gone fishing

I love to go here and go fishing for flavorfull marijuana


This is by far my favorite place to go. Best budtenders ever and fantastic prices! HIGHLY recommend dispensary.

You know this place is bad when "stoners" say so!

You know this place is bad when even "stoners" say it is! TERRIBLE service. HORRIBLE pompous, uncouth, RUDE staff! Bought a faulty "Clear" vape pen that didn't work. They do not exchange or refund money on their faulty products. The ridiculous waiting period to enter lags as you sign your life away on a silly agreement. (As a med patient for 5 years, I've never had to do this, not to mention on EVERY visit) I had a tiny sticker on my paperwork and they wanted to refuse it! TWO other medical patients walked out in the 4 minutes I was there. So they lost 3 patients in less than 5 minutes! THREE! Was pleased to turn around and spend my $400 elsewhere. Happy to leave. Idiots. Don't waste your money here.

Mark Moore

Everytime I've been there , the Staffing seems to know what they are Talking About. The Staff will take time to explain there Products ! So all in All I would recommend the one on Austin Bluffs

Out of state unwelcome

Visiting family out in Co from CA, have my rec from my doc, my i.d. and was politely informed Colorado springs does not accept anyone from out of state. Please do not waste your time, you are only welcome if you live in Colorado.

My personal favorites

Always helpful stuff and Always a wonderful selection of Medicine And a wonderful intuitive staff that really care about how to help you with their products


Always hella friendly and helpful. The product here works amazingly for me. 👌🏿

Science cannabis?

this place sells crap! tasteless, no smells, no terps! Yes it might look good but it smokes very harsh and black. People if your cannabis doesn't stay lit and burn white ash then it is filled with toxic chemicals! BUYER BEWARE! This shop is all about tissue sampling and modern science, what a JOKE! These people are not craft! Just go look at the public records from the State of Colorado, this shop has problems!

I found my Zen

The staff are some of the best people I've ever met, they always greet me with a smile and I love their personalities. Knowledgeable about the product, supportive, and personable. This place makes me happy and their products make me happier. <3

Poor quality for such a hyped company

I was really unimpressed by the product I got here I’ve been to other dispensaries that have phenomenal quality and for a better price. I was disappointed because native roots is so well branded.

Best 1st Time Visit Yet

The Title says it all.. My 1st time in Native Roots was a excellent one. The Staff was very attentive and accessed my needs PERFECTLY. Needless to say, Customer Service is key for me when I shop for my Meds. If the Staff is rude and doesn't feel like putting up with it, I won't either. I had been dodging Native Roots for the longest and I am very glad that I decided to just stop in to see what was up. Myles was very knowledgeable about the questions and concerns I had about trying some different product I had never tried before. I usually will forget names, but he made my experience really AWESOME and I could never forget that. I am currently looking at other dispensaries to see what they also have to offer for Members, but as of NOW.. Native Roots is at the top of my list. I will most DEFINITELY come back to Native Roots. Flower and Eds were dope and the concentrates we're rocking. Thank You!!!!
Cheryl AZ


it's 630pm man I always enjoy the atmosphere the staff. I look fwd to seeing every one. But tonight the New front desk lady... boo hoo. Her customer service and her attitude literally brought my mood to shop and be there down. she wasnt even paying attention to the customer, looks like she was more into outer space then doing her job. very rude at that.

A++ Shop

Shout out to April and Glenn and everyone else at the Austin Bluffs Native Roots! You guys are amazing! Super helpful and knowledgeable about anything you need. Fast service but I never feel rushed, even if there are people waiting behind me. And the product is A++. Thanks guys!

Bad Weed, Good Service

I got some bud on Xmas day from Native Roots. When I went to load my bowl, it literally turned into powder-y bud. It was so dry that even my Cannador couldn't save it. They are a bigger company than most, so you would think quality would be extremely important.

Literally the Worst Weed

The bud-tender himself said they are the Walmart of weed, and for me, that's stretching it. Walmart is popular because it has trusted brand name products and wide selection; oh and it's everywhere (native roots is the biggest CO dispensary). This place has branded itself well, just like Wally World, obviously has a decent business model, suuuuuper cool vibes, but oh my gosh I'm tying to MEDICATE. Native Roots is producing mass amounts of weed at a massively defective quality. The product is pure trash and their roots aren't native. Do Colorado a favor and shop anywhere else!!!!! Edibles are overpriced....and did I mention their flower does not medicate?
Cheryl AZ

most staff

I love this store. They are very humble, in there own way. They go above and beyond. even if some of the great ones have departed to other locations, I hope know more leave. I will have to drive to other relocating destinations!!! jusr saying!! THE STAFF is what makes this store thrive and the product of course.

Premium buds in Co Springs

These are the greatest med shops in the springs hands down. Have been a member for a year now and would never go anywhere else. If your looking for fire concentrate, premium buds, good cbd or family treatment by amazing budtenders, check out Native Roots.

the bomb

this is the best shop , from presentation , to appearance, to information , and customer service , this shop is awesome , real talk

What happened to the smiley faces?!?

You guys have been my home dispensary for almost a year. I won't be back tho. Regardless of price or quality when I have to be greeted by a stank face it's not worth it. Replace your stank face bud tender chicks and maybe I'll be back. #notimpressed