Unobtainium OG - 3.5g CUREflower

$60.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

Unobtainium OG is a recently resurrected OG strain that leans towards the Indica side genetic spectrum. Featuring an energizing splash of Sativa, the flavor expresses a potent gassy lemon & pine taste with a robust and lingering earth-finish. Its powerful nose has a pungent blend of petrol and pinesol - which is extremely strong and aromatic. The high THC content leads to a pleasurable body-high, while its Sativa tendencies let your mind drift and lends to creative energy. 

Unobtainium OG is a great smoke ... if you can obtain it!

* All top-shelf flowers by West Coast Cure™ are packaged in nitro sealed cans or mylar bags for premium freshness and are compliant with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.

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2 reviews

4 months ago
5 stars

Been awhile since I had an OG like this

Honestly it doesn't look like anything fancy or have the strongest smell until you break it up and its nice and earthy/piney. smokes great and is a classic socal heavy indica type high.
5 months ago
3 stars

Pretty standard og but good

The taste is definitely pure classic og , the batch I got had 34.3 percent thc but the high didn’t reflect that super high test number , not bad but nothing special, just a good og.
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