Mr. Tin Man's CBD MCT Oil 1000mg - Hangover & Revival

Last night's celebration got you dragging and unfocused?  Get back to that state of mind where you are focused, energized and ready for the day's tasks.  You'll be impressed how quickly you'll feel like yourself again.  Mr. Tin Man's Hemp Extract CBD Oils are intended to support over all health, and decrease the toll that an active lifestyle can take on the body. You can also apply the oil to your skin.  -Non-psychoactive (Non Detectable amounts of THC -Organic Ingredients -Made and grown in the USA! -No pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers -Non-GMO -Constantly Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency. Mr. Tin Man's CBD Oil is your best source for organically-grown, high-quality CBD oil. It’s legal, safe, affordable and easy to use. How To Use It? Oils can either be taken sublingually or in your favorite drink! CBD Hemp Oils can also be applied to the skin.

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