3C | Kush Cookies 3.5g

Product description
Total THC23.3%

Since cannabis connoisseurs got their first taste of Thin Mint, demand for the strain exploded. At 3C, we’d hate to deprive our customers of such a legendary strain, so we decided to grow it ourselves. The downside: Thin Mint is infamously low-yielding. But we weren’t going to let that stand in our way. By crossing Thin Mint with our Illuminati OG, we were able to maintain the most desirable traits of Thin Mint, while vastly improving upon the strain’s small nug-structure. The final product is a dense purple-green strain with all of the essential traits of Thin Mint. Kush Cookies is a masterful cross, and we highly recommend giving it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

FlowerGigglyHappyIndicaMotivate Your MindRelaxedSleep SoundlySweet
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7 reviews

2 months ago
1 star

Dry as dust

Stay away. Dry as hell even tho it said it was packaged just 3 weeks ago. Tasted like a cigarette. Absolutely no nigh.
3 months ago
1 star

Way too dry ....

I was in today. My budtender was awesome!!! Too bad I can’t say that for the product. Don’t waste your time with this... nothing but dryness no slight moisture not even a little and a lot of stems. My first and last tine I buy this brand. 👎🏽
11 months ago
5 stars

Blown Away

Wow. 3C Farms is Superior. Period.
1 year ago
5 stars


Absolutely the best. 3c has the best quality in the game .
6 months ago
1 star


I bought two different types of 3C today (Kush Cookies and Crystal Skull OG), and buds were dry and crunchy. Really disappointing. Tried calling, but got put on hold and never came back. Would like to return.
5 stars

1 year ago
4 stars

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