Mission Organic

4.5 stars by 579 reviews
dispensarySan Francisco, Camedical & recreational
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4.5 stars


I was really excited to try this place out due to the fact that they have the new bloom darts... however; I had a bit of trouble retuning an item I had purchased. The supervisor was rude & didn’t give me any options. Overall I was disappointed by the way she treated me. Wish I would have gotten someone else to help me out. Maybe I’d have a better feel of the place

they plugged it up

I ordered 2 selects w a friend and they came with a different strain then excepted and when asked for returen they said no. Ordered the next day 2 full grams, turns out weren't in stock so they threw me some edibles and then 4 half gram carts but same strain really appreciate it

Great things come in small packages

This establishment has probably been here for many years and is still my neighborhood favorite. Great selection of flowers and concentrates. Usually no line in the store but parking can be a challenge. I just manage to park a bit farther.

Amazing flower & knowledgeable staff

Hi weedmappers, Despite the reviews, I came into this dispensary because it was the closest one to my youse and offered a first time patient offer. The staff was all very friendly and knowledgeable, they gave tones of different selections on flower, edibles, cartridges, topicals and much much more!! I got Amani (I hope I’m spelling this right) she was GREAT! Sooooo nice and set me up with an eighth of bay breath, that was worth every penny spent on it. She suggested a hybrid edible and at first was a little iffy since I don’t tend to lean towards hybrid but boy was I pleasantly surprised!! The edible was 100mg 10 per square and usually I take a lot to feel edibles, but NOT these ones hahaha I was floating off 2 :) even though I didn’t get the first time patient deal (my fault because I forgot to ask) my experience st this shop was all around amazing!! I am definitely coming back!


is there a day to check the date of the product before you buy it to see when it was harvested and packaged before you buy been getting dry bud from connected that was from october anf novembr of 2018


I've lived in San Francisco for 27 years and Mission Organic dispensary is by far the worst dispensary that San Francisco has to offer. Not only are their employees completely incompetent and ignorant, they flat out lie about their menu, products, and pricing. And speaking of their pricing, don't expect to purchase anything of decent quality unless you want to spend 3-5 times the price of what it should reasonably be. The management is considerably horrible as well, with one manager actually telling me that "it's not his job" to know the available products and to keep their website up to date. I have consistently had so many bad experiences here that I felt it was necessary to write this review to alert the people of San Francisco. DO NOT SHOP HERE! Connected dispensary is a few shops down and will do a much better job serving you—in my experience.

The changes

Mission O has completely changed from when it opened to being dry during the legalization time. To now being stocked up. Love the bud and the prices got a quarter of blueberry muffin for 35. And the cartridges are always the best. Favorite is The Bloom Brand

Worth the trip!

I downloaded weedmaps on a lark and tried this place as i was in the neighborhood, and will be a repeat customer for as long as they stay open. I live 10 minutes away from Harborside in Oakland, and what I'd spend on product there vs. time and gas to get to Mission Organics (who has far better pricing) is about even, but I've gotten GREAT service at M.O. and only so-so service at Harborside. Awesome little neighborhood shop with an extensive selection and super friendly staff. 5 stars all the way!

Love this place

My favorite place to go for cartridges and the staff is beyond friendly. I shopped around alot of places in the bay and this one stuck out to me


Good luck breathing in there when it's crowded! Even with the door open, it's horrible

Nice friendly store.

These guys did a great job when I was looking for a holiday gift for a friend of mine. I found a great selection of unique lighters and they were nice enough to gift wrap for me as well. Nice store with a nice staff.

Awesome Products and Services

It's like walking into a whole new world with amazing things to discover. The product packaging and display is quite neat. I love the friendly customer service I received while trying to figure out exactly what I need.

Best dispensary around!

Love this store! Always top quality cannabis with plenty of options! You can even order online which is something other shops don’t offer! From bud to rosin to vape pens and carts they have it all! The bud tenders really make shopping here worth it. Every time I come here I’m greeted with only positive vibes and good energy. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone looking to buy super affordable, high quality cannabis products. PS - THE EDIBLES ARE A MUST TRY! Check them out!

Awesome experience

I fully recommend this business for your cannabis needs. I have had nothing but great experiences here. They deliver and have 80 strains of cannabis! My favorite products are their edibles.

Love this product!

I love using this as a first timer and the staff here were so friendly that I gave myself a purpose to purchase this product. I would defintely recommend this to everybody to try this product because it’s safe that would keep you come back again.

Great service

I’m not a weed professional but this place was well worth the visit. The staff were very professional and they answered all the questions I had. I would definitely recommend coming here.

Merry Christmas to all

Great product selection. Friendly, helpful staff. I went in looking for some goodies to finish off my Christmas list and left with a little something for everyone (including myself). Overall very happy with the experience. Will be visiting the shop and ordering for delivery in the future.

Not a good experience

Today I came in as I usually do then I was greeted by security after that waited in line. Then this Middle eastern guy comes out and started to tell people to be quite and clam down and he started becoming irrational he said we had to listen because he’s the owner. Well if he’s the owner he should have more respect for people that spends their time and money at your place after his rant he just left. Did not make the customers feel welcome or appreciated

Shady, Weak Bud, and Bait & Switch

Not even feeling this dirt bud they sold. Bait & switch products and shadier budtenders add tax (tax is included in the posted price). First noticed the bait and switch with their cheap 1/8s. They’ll have a rack of open samples to smell that will smell dank, then they’ll get you a sealed package with pathetic bud inside. I’ve once or twice gotten something decent for the price, but it’s always worse than what is in the open show packaging. Just assume any of their cheap 1/8s will be crap. Last couple of times I’ve come in, the bud tenders added a couple dollars to the price. First noticed it when I bought the same 1/8 two days in a row and the second day it was 10%more expensive than list price. Then this time the same thing, budtender said “after tax that will be” and added 10%. To be clear, no shops in SF add tax on top of the posted price. Tax is always include in SF. Second, it’s obvious when it changes from person to person or day to day at the same shop. Pass on this sketch BS.

Love this place

One of my favorite places to visit when in SF!!! Always a treat