MiNDFUL - Colfax

4.3 stars by 47 reviews
dispensary Denver, Coloradorecreational
(303) 573-6337
Closed10:00am - 7:50pm

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4.3 stars


ANYONE that doesnt know about this place and either lives in Denver or not should think of nowhere else to go, because there is no need to think about it. Plain and simple, THE BEST MOST HIGHLY COMPASSIONATE, BEST PRICING, place for flower at least, as this is what i purchase around!!!! Completely upset at MYSELF for not traveling here 1ST. Spent $350+ picking up little things around town cause i felt bad leaving empty handed at OTHER DISPENSARIES. Came to Mindful, and BAMMM 1 happy ! PS If u start w AWESOME flower you end up w some FUEL for concentrates! THANK YOU AGAIN MINDFUL


This is a pretty cool shop! There is always a nice variety of cannabis products to choose from here. The staff are knowledgeable about all things Cannabis, which really helps when you're trying out a new product or having difficulty locking in a decision. This shop checks all the boxes for great quality. PUREVIBE highly recommends MiNDFUL on Colfax!

where is menu

he go to the website it says weekly specials or view menu on Weedmaps and yet you come to Weedmaps and there's absolutely no menu don't want to waste my time driving all the way down there if I can't even see what you have going on

great shake oz

best shake oz in town.


i love this place they have amazing selection have amazing vapes pens as well!!! the service is amazing as well i recommend it to everyone in Denver


I’ve been going to mindful for 4-5 years but only been coming to this location for the past 2 years. If you are looking for a good dispensary DO NOT COME TO THIS LOCATION. 3 weeks ago I came and bought an ounce. I get home and for me first time in 5 years of having my card and going to dispensaries I was shorted 5 grams on that ounce. I call and he knew about the mistake once I told about which ounce I had. I go back in there 2 weeks later and was told that no it was only 3.5 instead of an 8th and why was I weighing my ounces with smart remarks and snickering. I get defensive and pissed that this man was questioning me about me weighing an ounce that was 5 grams short. I immediately took it as him stereotyping me. I speak to the store manager Austin asking for a higher up number but instead he will hook me up on my next visit. I go in and deal with the WORSE manager who wouldn’t even give me his name. He was being rude the whole time. DO NOT COME TO THIS LOCATION

Great Service and Prices

After wasting time checking out two other dispensaries, I decided to give Mindful a try. As soon as I walked in, the staff was quick to help me figure out what I wanted. If you're a fan of CO2 oil/distillate, I would definitely recommend stopping by. Their prices are the lowest (~$47 per 1g/1000mg syringe) and they sell some of the best brands with the highest potency (Eureka, Northern Standard, Pax, G-Pen, Evolab, etc.). Also their Weed Maps menu isn't accurate, as all the products were definitely cheaper than stated and there was more to choose from.
Dustinbig j

Great live

Good extracts

Great Store!

Friendly staff, great selection and the best prices!

Great Spot

Great spot to shop with daily deals, Branden had great customer service.

horrible shatter

Every time I come in here to purchase shatter, it's more of a wax/putty consistency and a dark color. I want shatter, not budder or wax. You shouldn't have to peel the shatter off of the wax paper. I'd also say the staff isn't very knowledgeable. I asked an employee why their shatter was such horrible consistency and responded "I don't know, I'm not a shatter expert.

So thoughtful

I think they're stranded weed is pretty awesome the people are awesome and they're very friendly

Need a shop stop here

Other than the prices.... This place is EPIC! VERY organized and informative. Not to memtion the gentlemen at the store amd the staff in general are very personable and polite! This shop is worth coming back to!


Nice dispensery

Poop soup

Went to check out the bogo shatter deal both options looked like poop soup so I asked if I could see the other concentrates and the bud tender made a huge deal about having to grab grams out to show me. I'm sorry i asked you to do your job.

Blissful Bud n Ganja Wisdom

Well curated products and budtenders that offer their time, knowledge, and patience to help you purchase what you really want and is better for you in a mindful way!

Love this place

Great bud great prices friendly staff. You will never have a bad experience here.

Great Place to Go!

I went in to check out the place and just get a feel for the market since I'm new to colorado. Walked out with an 18dollar gram of Tres Star Budder as a rec customer. The Gentleman was very nice, and showed me all of the oils they had. I recommend this place to anyone who is new and old. great price, and just the perfect amount of selection to choose from. will go again.
MiNDFUL - Colfax
Denver Downtown
Thanks for giving us a try!! We at Mindful strive to provide great customer service and do our best to supply our customers with great specials and variety!! We hope to see you back soon!
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These guys had a too-good-to-be-true deal on here ($19 shatter grams) and it was a total bait and switch. The deal was for medical only, they only had like 4 strains of flower available on recreational, all the recreational concentrate looked like garbage and they only had ONE budtender working on 710 who seemed totally rushed and hassled by a full waiting room. All the bud smelled like powdery mildew with scrawny buds. Will not go back. No parking anywhere either.
MiNDFUL - Colfax
Denver Downtown
Thanks for review, positive or negative we always appreciate the feedback; it gives us the opportunity to really step up and serve our customers in the best way possible. We are sorry for the miscommunication, however we do have a couple different Weedmaps pages, for each different location and for our Medical and Recreational sides, we understand it can be confusing! We just put some new strains out and hope you will come back and give us another try; always feel free to call the store and ask about our daily deals!
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Nice ambience & good quality . Good staff
MiNDFUL - Colfax
Denver Downtown
Thank you for choosing Mindful, we are so pleased you had a great experience! Be sure to come back!
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