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LEMON TING \le-men ting\ - LEMON CHERRY COOKIES HYBRID – slang for a Lemon “thing”

Protruding calyxes accompanied by a strong lemony citrus smell with hints of cherry pie and GSC genetics, this strain packs an uplifting high, great for a daytime smoke.  Undeniable lemon flavor and scent with color, structure and beauty!

FlowerCitrusHybridLemonLift Your SpiritsUplifted
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4 reviews

1 month ago
5 stars

Lemon Ting

Tastes amazing, and makes my pain and depression much better
1 month ago
5 stars

Lemon Cherry Cookie GAS #KnowYourCultivator

Huge shout outs to @InspectorGanja562 on IG for the bomb recommendation! Gorgeous work from BLEM and the team at Cali Lotus! Lemon Ting aka "Lemon Cherry Cookies". Let's get into it. •Appearance: 5/5 one massive chunky nug, two smaller buds, all three with thick tufts of auburn pistils and dark green buds with yellow-gold trichome stalks and heads. •Smell: 5/5 Citrusy lemon up front, then you get some of that Cookie spicy earthiness mixed with a cherry candy mustiness, as if from an emptied box of cherry sours. •Cure + break down 4/5: Beautifully cured, maintains smell, color, texture, all pistils and calyces in tact. Did not pass stick test unfortunately, but still fantastic cure! •Burn + Smoke Quality 5/5: Burns nice and evenly, at a good slow pace, this is high quality resinous bud after all! Ash burns down white with some mild peppering, and the smoke you exhale is super rich and has definite hang time. Absolutely loved this strain, will absolutely be picking this up again.
2 months ago
5 stars

Name is deceiving

This strain is another gas lamp 👌🏾 the name can be deceiving with it being cherry cookies. Makes me feel like I’d get a lil more sweet but the citrus was well enough. Smells like it looks (intoxicated) like something poison ivy would smoke lol. Another strain I enjoyed mostly through a joint. 5/5
9 months ago
5 stars

Neever let me down

Love it keeps me going. All flavors
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