Medallion Wellness

4.7 stars by 624 reviews
dispensary Modesto, Californiamedical & recreational
Closed 8:00am - 8:00pm
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4.7 stars


my favorite place to hit up when I'm in need of some fire meds. The flower is so fire, Love the selection here. Just wish you guys carried the left coast cartridges, those have been my go to for the last few months, really potent stuff.. Thank you for the amazing service every time

Do not go security highly disrespectful

Don’t go security disrespected me yelled at me and spit on the ground at me I would not go and spend money at a place with security like this, rude disrespectful and out of line, ok weed and service. but security is no good and I will not be going back.


Go to Phenos! Korova and other top shelf flower for 27 out the door.

Highly recommend !!!

High quality meds every time I pick up. This place is definitely one of the best around!! Great flower as well. Really wanna see some Left Coast carts in this area soon!!


Couldn’t be happier than when I leave this place. Thankful for the superior products and service that you just can’t find anywhere else. Would love to see a drop of lemongrass, vanilla frosting , Romulan, midnight splendor clones from DH 😈🙏

Way over priced crap

If you want good deals go to PCF. Elyon Farms $20 out the door.$35 your price

Great Customer Service

I just called in I had multiple questions the front desk receptionist Natalie answered answered the phone in a professional manner also answered all my questions accordingly and in a timely manner while greeting patients walking in she asked if I would hold briefly while she got all patients checked in and was right back on the phone to assist me to her fullest potential superb customer service!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Nice staff

Dark heart clones and all the other premium products you could desire. I can always appreciate people who only sell the best

1st Visit

Mu husband and I came out while waiting for our car to get serviced. Small spot. Easy to find and not super busy which i loved. We were in and out within 20 minutes. Got 3 prerolls and an 1/8 all for under $80.m with a discount. Allot of complaints about prices in the reviews but it does depend what you get. Every place is different and every brand/strain is different. Budtenders were helpful and there’s is a variety of products.

Highly disappointed

Customer service- My bud tender was very nice and helpful in going over everything as it was my first time. He told of the wonderful deal I would get since it was 15% off anything this day plus I would get extra saving for being first time customer...great!....I thought. Here’s where it went left- I picked two 1/8ths and it was $70 after both of the discounts my total was 76.78. I left feeling like I got got! And that was not such a great deal lol. As far as the product: one I was happy with the other was disappointing. Do not see myself returning.

bring back

hi,I enjoyed coming here in the past. what happened to the loyal brand? I use to make this my go to spot. I am on a fixed income because I am disabled. BRING BACK THE LOYAL BRAND AND I WILL BE BACK TOO. Can someone please respond back to this review regarding the loyal brand. I believe its affiliated with Emerald Family Farms


The location is easy to find, it's closer than flavors, and our budtender did all he could do for us...he was knowledgeable and friendly, BUT I was disappointed in the end. The 3 8ths I bought came out to 71.00 n this is WITH the 20% discount! We were 1st timers. Over at flavors I can get 4 8ths for less then that with their 30% discount. Sorry guys, not as great of a deal as I was hoping for.

Love this store

I love this store I think Noel is awesome she is very helpful and friendly Thank you

Dont buy clones here

the guy in the side room will try to give you their worst ones unless you tell him you want better ones. also they only source from 1 guy and I'm pretty sure he selects indoor varieties because they take a looooong time to transition to sun

Love this

Place so much, I definitely recommend this place to everyone


I’ve tried to give this spot a chance because at first they were not a bad spot but after getting ripped off with broken seals on my 8th jars and bud that was not even what I payed for no more for me and they wouldn’t even help me out after I showed them it wasn’t sealed and the bud wasn’t what I asked for I shouldn’t have to double check what the hell on top of that they act like there so nice and they’re doing you a huge favor but it’s all an act they are rude childish and unprofessional they are a bad representation of the cannabis industry which should be compassion A great company makes you feel like your doing them a favor for buying threw them not the other way around

Delivery Service

I placed a order online , the delivery service kept texting the wrong total amount, tried to ask them about it and they never responded or delivered my order , they just ignored me !!

I’m in the middle ehhh

Fast delivery ! Good tree not gonna lie , also cool delivery people also , but the taxes is way too much ! I would order from them again not gonna lie but lower ur taxes tho, GOOD FLOWER compared to others 💯
Medallion Wellness
We appreciate your support and opinion, unfortunately we do not set the tax rates we are only allowed to collect the taxes. Thank you very much and please have a wonderful day.
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got good tree n good prices!
Medallion Wellness
We appreciate your support and opinion. Thank you very much and please have a wonderful day.
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no response

this place dont respond or get back to any messages ive been texting and no response
Medallion Wellness
Very sorry about any inconvenience, it looks like you text our Main office phone. it does not support text, very sorry. If you text or call (209)222-3110 we will get right back to you.
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