Modified Grapes

Product description

2021 Emerald Cup Winner

2020 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner

GMO x Purple Punch

The unlikely pairing of two very different yet widely celebrated parents, GMO (aka: Garlic Cookies) and Purple Punch, Modified Grapes makes for a surprisingly satisfying union of sweet and savory. For all you bon vivants out there, Modified Grapes is a must partake. Bred by Symbiotic Genetics, this unique hybrid strain brings together sweet and fruity grape candy with a gassy, garlicky, umami deliciousness. The plump meaty buds contrast light mint and deep eggplant coloring with a thick peach fuzz layer of trichomes. Try it for the unique flavor, but the flawless high will have you coming back for more. Effortless and relaxed, Modified Grapes has a smooth blend of clarity and comfort, combining a handful of humor and a dash of gusto that will keep you feeling on top of your game.

Our LitHouse premium eighth jars contain 3.5 grams of small-batch, craft grown, cannabis flower. LitHouse focuses on flavor and potency. All of our flower is slow cold-cured and expertly trimmed for maximum terpene preservation. You can always count on high quality and consistency in every jar from LitHouse. 

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11 reviews

21 days ago
5 stars


Everything was good,just a bit dry. But that's why it was on sale. So that's why it stays 5stars.
28 days ago
5 stars

Lithouse for daysss

Love love love lithouse flowers, lemon lava is my favorite but this one is good too. The flowers hit decently and smell great
2 months ago
4 stars

Lithouse Runt

Having tried all the lithouse Strains this is the lesser of the group. that doesn’t stop it from being a decent bud. Not too fancy in effects other than couch locking and making you lazy. If you’re looking for something more elaborate try Runtz or Red Dragon. Slightly disappointed in not experiencing something litty , but the effects are still strong and are more familiar with a regular stone.
4 months ago
5 stars


The taste is outta this world. 5⭐️ for sure
1 year ago
5 stars


This new strain from LitHouse is amazing! The taste was like eating a burger followed by a big gulp of sweet grape soda. Perfect for summer nights. I can't wait to see what they come out with next.
9 months ago
3 stars

Not Bad

Looks great. Nice sweet smell. Taste is nice. Ashes on the darker side. Overall decent.
9 months ago
2 stars


If u squeeze a nug it will break down into dust
8 months ago
1 star

Rare Miss For LitHouse

I have been buying LitHouse products for a while and this is the first time I've been let down by a product. The strain taste is really lacking in my opinion and it does not hit hard enough to justify the $60 price tag. Due to the price, I have to knock it down another star. I'd be hard-pressed to recommend this at $35 an 1/8th. Looks and smells good in the jar but unless it's on sale, pass on this one.
4 months ago
1 star

Pretty bad imo

Dry harsh and bitter. looks pretty though
8 months ago
1 star

Not good

This bud is not good at all does not taste good or break down good THE PURPLE PUNCH RUINS IT.
11 months ago
5 stars

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