Pure Love

Pure Love is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created created in Colorado and is a cross between Pure Kush X Uzbekistan Hashplant X Purple Diesel. With this bud the name says it all – an insanely euphoric long-lasting high for a beautiful experience from start to finish. You’ll feel a happy lift that eases you into this high, filling your mind with blissful euphoria and releasing you from any negative thoughts. This effect is accompanied by a light increase in energy and focus that won’t agitate your anxiety or paranoia in the slightest. Soon you’ll begin to fade into a state of sedated relaxation, leaving you sleepy and immovable for hours on end. Thanks to these effects and its moderate THC level, Pure Love is said to be the perfect choice for treating conditions such as depression, inflammation, muscle spasms, chronic anxiety, PTSD, and fibromyalgia. This bud has a sweet strawberry mango flavor with hints of rich herbal berries on each exhale. The aroma is earthy and tropical with a spicy fruity effect that’s light before turning pungent as the nugs are burned. Pure Love buds have fluffy rounded minty green nugs with orange-tinted amber hairs and a coating of sandy white crystal trichomes.  

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