Purple Wedding

Product description

Imagine this: Wedding day, dance party full-swing, and your Uncle’s band just launched into Prince’s oft-requested “1999” when The Artist himself enters stage-left, grabs the guitar, and boots Uncle Jerry off the stage with a playful kick to the rump that is met with cheerful applause. Suddenly, the fog machine is emitting a berrylicious, creamy vanilla essence as your loved-one’s laughter begins to carry them upwards into droplets of euphoria inducing purple rain. That, ladies and gents, is your first tango with Purple Wedding.  Be sure to come back, there’s more…

Affordable, indoor-grown flowerHigh potency hybridClear-headed euphoria, upliftingCreamy vanilla & berry aromas
FlowerCaryophylleneCBGCBNCitrusEuphoricFocusedHappyHumuleneHybridLift Your SpiritsLimoneneMyrcenePinePineneSpicy/HerbalStay ProductiveTHCTHC-DominantTHCATree FruitUpliftedVanilla
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