Indica Hybrid


Life of the party


TASTE: Citrus, Earthy, Sweet


EFFECT: Uplifting, Relaxed, Appetite

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5 stars
Ethan Mack

Source Cannabis "Prophet" D33

An almost psychedelic indica hybrid cross between DoSiDos & Gellato-33 because well...apparently, you just can't get enough of a good thing. The sensation starts in your crown-chakra just behind your eyes and radiates downward in a warm beam of euphoria buzzing literally to your fingertips & toes, initially taking your breath away. The head/body split of this powerful hybrid is approximately 75% head, 25% body so not sleep-inducing but could make some infrequent users a bit anxious and likely to shy away from social engagements. Terpene profile is sweet, light, surprisingly juicy and tangy with a citrus finish. For hardcore hybrid-fans and fans of ultra-high THC potency strains, this will be an impressive 1-2 hitter quitter that will leave you cross-eyed, grinning & giggling like the village idiot, ready to overexert yourself doing something mildly athletic. For experienced but not everyday smokers, this is a super "stay at home and play vids" or "out hiking" level head-intensive high that will keep you laughing hysterically and engaged in zany chatter for hours. For inexperienced smokers, use as a bowl-topper or supercharger for low(er) THC strains (ie mixed bowls or joints) or simply find a different strain as the head-high can become a bit racy if one is unaccustomed to this level of potency. Groovy. Can you dig it?
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