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4.3 stars

Always a great experience!

OK prices and a very helpful staff
Marijuana Mart
Olympia / Thurston County
Thank you Jake! Our staff is awesome, they're family. They all work really hard to stay up on the latest knowledge and provide the best service possible! I know it's been a few years since you left this, but it's helped people find us! Thank you for contributing!
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Uneducated staff

Stopped by this place a couple times to see what products they carry and was very upset. I grew up in this community and they are selling my community garbage. Most of there concentrates are extremely dark and low thc amounts. I stopped in to get shatter ..told them I don't like wax..they both lied to my face and told me you can't see thru the packaging but I smoked it last night and it's shatter. I went on there word and bought it. When I got home it was brown crumble!! I know what shatter is..they do not. When I called to complain they stumbled over there lies. Don't waste your money here go to sweet greens up the road they actually know there products!!
Marijuana Mart
Olympia / Thurston County
We are sorry you did not have a positive experience in our store. We try to carry a large variety with price points and quality to suit all our customers needs. We do have affordable product that some may consider too dark, but it is affordable. We also carry beautiful top shelf products as well. I'm sorry if there was a misunderstanding on what you were looking for. Our staff is educated about all our product but nobody is perfect and it sounds like a mistake was made. I encourage you to give us another chance and we'll do everything we can to make things right.
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Great vibes

Just went in for a stash and new glass. Knew some of what I wanted, and the staff was a TREMENDOUS help in what I didn't know. Most awesome and I will recommend them to all of my recreational friends!!!
Marijuana Mart
Olympia / Thurston County
Even though it's been a couple years, your review has helped people find us! Thank you for leaving it!! We actually really appreciate you taking the time. Have a great summer, stay cool.
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