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4.5 stars

good prices

prices are pretty fair for what your getting! friendly staff too!

Older people beware

They no longer accept copies of red cards they want the original or the pdf on your phone or whatever the heck a pdf is I’m old school I do mine by mail and was told by my doc to copy the original put the original away and shop with my copy but they don’t accept copies anymore and have lost my business permanently or until this policy is changed I believe they are trying to push more sales to rec with this policy and lately there concentrates have been of poor quality what’s happening to Maggie’s


I’m so disappointed with the direction the owner has taken. I know they have a lot of locations. But if you are a true businessman/businesswoman you would make sure you take care of your patients in each of your stores. I really rely on edibles.

Thank you for the Pop Up

Long time coming!! Zeke thank you so much!! I loved the pop up today!! Great information from the companies. Heck I visited twice lol.

We love you!!

This may be biased since I work here, but I love this place. We have an incredible selection and more than that, we love you! Come see us!


Love the ambrosia 2 for 25 great deal I wish they had this sale all the time

High tech

Distillate is so amazing. Please update your east location menu when they have more because I’ve been going to strawberry fields getting their house distillate because I am not driving clear out to pueblo west because you won’t stock your other store or update its menu. I prefer high tech distillate from you guys over anyone’s- but I’m not driving clear out to pueblo west to get it. Thanks for listening.


I leave a review and then receive a snide comment from Maggie’s moderator. Because I point out that most of those 5 star reviews on here are from out of state people that are promised discounts for said level of review, and bot accounts created by the moderator. There is never anyone at Maggie’s farm, they have absolutely no integrity and do business next to a high school, they push sub par quality marijuana for unfair prices, (compare quality to price with Rocky Mountain Blaze down the block and see for yourself). These people are corporately owned with multiple locations, the one in manitou springs being the evidence of massive price gouging, keeping the whole Corp afloat. The budtenders are underqualified and snobby, Unknowledgeable and snide, and they literally take forever to get two people out of the door. They don’t care about their under 21 medical patients having kicked them to the side with the Rec lazily being in the same building. So many things wrong here. Here a few.

Dont go...

Unless you meet THERE requirements for looks... They will not let you in Despite having ALL necessary paperwork they are picky about who they serve... Wish I could have given NO stars.. I have been before, and treated decently.. But no more Take your business to the more than 12 dispensaries within 10 miles.
Maggies Farm Pueblo West - MED
We are sorry you had a bad experience in our store. We value your business! Please see me Glenn Taylor so I can make it right! Really want you to be a happy customer!
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Great service

Great atmosphere and service!

very helpful

mike and zeke were extremely helpfull and nice they have a nice selection and great prices i would strongly recommend this place

only in it for the money

Maggies has a great staff except a few people o don't know what their talking about. Their flower is really good but found out they don't actually hand trim. They have a tumbler machine. But wow they charge over 150% markup on their items. I have literally found concentrates and edibles and other items about 50% cheaper at 6 different places. Something they charge 95 I have found for the same item for 45 at 4 places. They don't care about their customers like they state. All they care about is money. I've heard a few of their employees say they want to leave because they pay them less that what other places start people at and rarely give them raises.. Their mark up on items are rediculous. One employee told me they do a 166% increase on items. No wonder why so many of their workers want to leave. They can't sell anything.. It is a nice place I will say but their priority is only money. Quality of product and their service has definatly gone down after they lost their best employees.
Maggies Farm Pueblo West - MED
Hi GojimotherOg. We're really bummed to read your review and that you have that perception of us. We pride ourselves on having a friendly and knowledgable staff, and we very much care about our customers. We wouldn't be here without them. In addition, all of our flower is hand-trimmed, so we're not sure where you're getting your information. As far as pricing, this is such a tough subject for us, as most folks do not realize how costly it is to grow using organic methods. No different than when you shop for groceries at a natural foods store, our growing practices are time-intensive and meticulous. Our organic cultivation methods produce top-quality flower that may cost a little more, but our customers consistently see the value in our products. Regardless, we very much value your feedback and welcome the opportunity to chat with you. Please reach out to us at:, provide your information, and we would love to learn more about your experience at Maggie's and explore ways that we may be able to improve.
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Awesome Green!

They have amazing smoke, outdoor grow, organic, it tests high for outdoor, and the budtenders are knowledgeable, if they don't know, they find out. So I purchased a variety of strains, and a rollie. I was able to sleep last night, after a very long day, thanks to some Bubblegum. So thanks.


Went in today and boy was I happy high tech is back and that sour kush is the bomb need I say more thx guys for bringing back this great option

Same as last time

Well this time they no longer carry craft 710 distillate instead they have eureka which IMO isn't near as good as the craft or the high tech, maybe it's just me but I preferred the craft much better

Tad disappointed

Went to grab some distillate today grabbed upped a few grams but was kinda disappointed that there was no high tech I hope there just out and not discontinuing to carry it, I really liked it besides that superb as always Maggie's is the best in pueblo hands down

Great Place

I really like going to Maggie' Farm whether it is in Canon City, Pueblo or Manitu Springs. The staff is friendly and informative, and always ready to answer any questions. I like the fact that there are no artificial pesticides used.

Clean Green Certified!!!!!!

I love clean green marijuana, especially when it is certified to be so! Thank you Maggie's Farm for being involved with the number one (#1) certifier nation-wide for cannabis that is cultivated using sustainable, natural and organic-based practices. Maggie's Farm is the place to go for certified clean green marijuana, I dare you to find another dispensary that can say the same :D Maggie's Farm Rocks!!!

Horrible!! Wast of Time!!

The bud tenders seemed arrogant with not much knowledge of the product they are trying sell. I've given this place a couple of chances both time's was mediocre flower for average prices. They will tell you it's all outdoor grown and not even know the kind of nutrients or if any pesticide or herbicides where used in the harvest!


Great staff but bud is high priced.