NUG Flower - Watermelon Zkittles


A potent indica dominant hybrid, Watermelon Zkittles offers a great relaxing body high combined with a feeling of alertness. This is the perfect smoke to end the day with as it won't knock you out and tastes great.

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I wanted to like this

I consider myself a connoisseur and I’ve always enjoyed zkittles. Being a fan of zkittles and having always enjoyed watermelon zkittles from Grandiflora or Deofarms, I decided to give Nugs run of it a try. The look is frosty but missing some of the distinct pistil colors that you’d find in the formers version. The smell is on point........but the taste and effects are not what you’d expect from a strain like this, it doesn’t stand out. To understand what I mean you’d need have a comparison gram per gram with grandiflora and taste the difference, feel that distinguished zkittles high and terpene profile on your taste buds. You will be left wanting more, wanting Nug to get it right and perhaps feeling bitter about not getting what you expected. Since most cannot afford such extravagant quality control testing I can only say go with Grandi and that is only because it’s just as widely available and is better I am not sponsoring
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