Nighttime Refill Cartridge


Indica blend is our all-natural cannabis oil. Perfect for night time. Includes a 500mg cartridge which utilizes a universal 510 thread. All Bloom Farm products have a 100% lifetime guarantee.

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3.3 stars

doesn't last more than 10 min the "high"

Price is wow, quality it is not. burns super fast, doesn't last long, need a lot to get "high"... looks like its made of "shake"

Clean Pure Natural Good

I am always satisfied every single time I have this oil. It’s very clean, very consistent and does exactly what it’s intended to do medicinally. I can trust that every time I need relief, Bloom Farms Night Time will deliver exact results and help to keep me a, happy, relaxed, hubby, daddy, and friendly person. That’s really good medicine!

Good stuff

Nice spicy,herbal flavor.Good medicine. Like the color and consistency. Highly recommend.

Hello Sofa!

Got this as the Go during a BoGo at Releaf in SF. I wish someone warned me. I took 5 or 6 big pulls and I was done. All I wanted to do was put on the Godfather and lie down. This thing has lasted forever, mostly because I generally like an uplifting high, but every time I reach for it, it works.
Lowercase Ls

No worth

I tried it a couple of times and so far, it didn't do anything for me. Actually made me a bit awake and wired even though it's Indica. Didn't like the plastic taste of the cartridge in my mouth. Really disappointed because Bloom Farms and their products seemed pretty cool on their website.

Pretty lame

no selection, bad plastic cartridges, no, no good.
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