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710 Labs Live Rosin., results from a solventless press of our Whole Plant Fresh Frozen Water Hash, utilizing nothing but heat and pressure to maintain the aromatic compounds and essence of the plant at its living peak. Our Live Rosin delivers potent effects that nullify pain with delicious ease. All our products are single source.

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4.8 stars

PAPAYA #35 Live Rosin 🤗

Follow me on IG @TerpyWindow to see my review on the Papaya #35 live rosin with some dope shots 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 (Promise you won’t be disappointed) (Get this strain if you CAN!!!!)

Solventless is best

Straight gas

Great stuff

Best solventless around. Just hate the little jars it comes in with the lip inside it. Makes it hard to get it all out


Who tf calls CUSTIEmer service on a hash company?

710 Live Rosin

The textures, consistency, depth and nuance. As applying to both the almost captivating beauty, something with such unordinary aesthetics. And then you smoke it. And I'll say that after smoking a decent proportion of their rosin products, it's resulutely & with unerring continuity, my back and forth favorite in a very inviting clash between industry and unprecedented talent & innovation. Their product has me talking like a rep-on-payroll, haha!

I love this stuff like a son

blows my mind every dab, low as possible. but I still can't get an official, non-dipshit explaination on wtf Persey means when describing rosin. anybody got the knowledge? bueller?......... bueller?

Best rosin for the price it seems for Rec.

They seem to have the best priced rosin for the amount they distribute. Definitely worth checking out!

Rosin all Day

Ive been going to alot of their pop ups around colorado and everytime it gets better! 🔥💨💨💨🙌 710labs 4 lyfe

🔥Persy Live Rosin🔥

First time trying Kaya's Koffee #2 Persy Live Rosin from 710 Labs. This stuff was FIRE!🔥 Not only does it look beautiful, but it was also Potent, smelled extremely Terpy, and tasted like some really Dank OG.

One of the cleanest out there and very potent

I have sampled at least 6 different strains....most in the live rosin and they are all amazing and true to the strain. A no brainer for medical patients looking for consistent reliable treatment . The consistency is amazing the coloring is always so light and smooth. The Sour Tangie is actually a little pinkish, like rose colored white. The flavors are all so good, make you so hungry. I use a puffco peak at 500° and the flavor is mind blowing!! 710 labs is legit OIL

Beyond top notch product

Depending on the strain. Some might like the golden strawberries, but I’d prefer the bootylicious or the unquestionably OG if you are looking for something very strong. Definitely more potent than most of the live resins out there and a tiny amount gets mad hits. It’s definitely worth it.
Eric 12

best dabs available

anything from 710 labs is beyond amazing...never thought id spend 60-80$ on a gram of concentrates but i finally did and wish i had sooner!! the live rosins are my favorite. pick some up if you can you will not regret.


Great quality a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. Looks great smokes even better.

A++ but $$$$$

Doesn't get any better as far as quality goes. I got watermelon zkittlez. Smell and taste was on point! Tested out at 95.4%. The only reason for four stars instead of five is I paid $119 before tax at T.L.C. in L.A. Don't think I will purchase again at that price but it was definitely worth trying out.


Best rosin out there but they are a rec only company leaving me with no place to buy it as I am an under 21 med patient I believe this is unfair and should change immediately

Some of the best rosin...

I always look for 710Labs when I am in the market for premium solventless rosin.

100% worth a try

Read an article about live rosin a few weeks ago, was intrigued but hadn’t seen any around. Found some 710 Oil Orange Cream x Golden Strawberries at a local shop and gave it a try. Unique flavor different from anything else I’ve tried and hits like a truck. I’m a fan, costs twice what I pay for live resin but worth stepping up for every once in a while for sure.

just amazing products

I've tried 7 kinds now, today got your newer live rosin 90u cement shoes.....boys you know your stuff. great job. next I'll try your sauce, been stuck on raw gardens sauces but your brand has me coming back for more & more.


first off great product. I got the white Tahoe cookies rosin.....its beautiful. potency there. only knock would be cost, at $80 a gram It becomes hard to make it a normal.

Glad to have 710 Labs back in my life

Was fortunate enough to grab some of the Spectral Tangerine and Tribal Delight Live Rosin from the Honey Cellar in Boulder. Excited to have 710 Labs back in my local dispensaries and especially when they collab with top tier companies like all greens extraction co. Spectral Tangerines tasted like straight orange candy and was super potent. Looking forward to scooping more ASAP and the future drops!
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