Black Label FSE Cartridge

Product description

Premium vaporizer cartridges filled with uncut, additive-free single strain live resin make it easy to enjoy our expansive genetic library.


Black Label Extracts

Green Dot Labs' Black Label extracts represent the ultimate in quality, purity and flavor. Our signature line of concentrates is grown and extracted in-house, highlighting 150+ rare and exclusive varietals an endless variety of flavors and effects in several finishes and formats. Every Black Label box features varietal info and tasting notes from founder Dave Malone to inspire further exploration and understanding.

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7 reviews

7 months ago
5 stars

One of my favorite Carts period.

Like the title says I love these bad boys. Get yourself a garlic banger one if you get the chance!
9 months ago
5 stars

Excellently smooth

the Holy F@ck hybrid is pure and smooth— Favorite vaping concentrate I have yet found. Much better than the Select brand; More comparable to the ‘Raw Gardens’ brand in Cali. pricey but worth it. BUT the hardwear is kind of annoying. It looks cool, but battery is brand specific. Because they all look the same and the stoner girl at LOVA didn’t tell me, I couldn’t use it until I was able to find a “Green Dot” one from another shop. Now I have to fly to buy a new one Bc I lost it and now have a freshie cartridge without a battery..yaaaay. TLDR; If you are prone to losing pens, maybe buy two. Nomnomnom
1 year ago
5 stars

El mejor

verdadera experiencia de vapeo.
1 year ago
5 stars

vapes and concentrates

Awesome product. Hits hard. Taste delicious. Nice hardware. Great job Green Dot.
2 years ago
5 stars

best concentrate around

I've tried concentrates from Colorado California nevada and Oregon noone come even remotely close to Green Dots Labs potency and flavor cant wait till I get my hands on some of their flower 🤤
9 months ago
3 stars

Great Concentrate, subpar hardware

Bought one of these kits 2 months ago while traveling. The concentrate was potent and tasty. The battery lasted not even two months. When I buy a kit I expect the hardware to be a bit better in quality.
10 months ago
1 star

Ordered online.... didn’t even have my cart.

Ordered online 4 hours prior to pickup then stood in line for another HOUR. Only to be told they do not have any. Are you kidding me? Don’t go to this place, they can’t even check stock or update their website for pickup orders. Complete bs.
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