Blue Raspberry Gummies (Indica) 100mg

Product description

Relax with a mouth-watering blend of sweet & tangy flavor. At District Edibles we know that exceptional oil creates exceptional edibles so each delicious batch is made from scratch and infused with fully activated indica cannabis oil to help you Experience the Difference.

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8 reviews

3 years ago
5 stars

Love my gummy’s

This was my first time buying District edibles. The Indica Blue Raspberry do the trick for me at night to help me have a full relaxing sleep. Nice mellow slow down to help induce sleep . I’m thankful I have a doctor who feels strongly that this is better for us than most pharmaceutical.
3 years ago
5 stars

District edibles

One of the best iv had, me and my girlfriend only take half and it gets us really nice! Relax and alert !!
3 years ago
5 stars

These Are Fantastic!

I enjoy the effects of weed but personally cant stand the smell of it so I prefer edibles. these taste exactly like a candy, no cannabis taste at all. They also seem very potent. I only need to use half of one piece in order to be relaxed enough to fall asleep (though, keep in mind I'm a very new user of cannabis so my tolerance is probably pretty low). I also really like the case they come in-it makes the products stay fresh and secure. I would recommend these to anyone!
1 year ago
5 stars

Girlfriend & I like them

In our experience, they had a good balanced dose that was easy to measure; flavor was fine for the Blue Raspberry (I prefer the Cherry Cola flavor) and I've had some gummies pretty yummy (but those yummy ones had a hangover feeling); the packaging is neat; and no hangover feeling day after. BTW People generally don't know how rate things. How is it that they list a bunch of things they really like about a product and then give it a one star? Especially when they only didn't like one thing about it. I saw a few one star ratings that should have been 3 stars based on their own description.
2 years ago
5 stars


These are great! My favorite gummies and one piece is the perfect dosage for me.
2 years ago
5 stars

The wife ❤️

Tried these for the first time and the wife loves them.
2 years ago
1 star

Among the worst edibles I've tried

These are mostly about super dosing. They really don't provide a good way to control your dose. It also felt very much like dosages varied widely between gummies. I'll give these a pass in future.
2 years ago
1 star

Tastes disgusting

This flavor specifically tastes awful to me tastes super chemically and nothing like blue raspberry flavor. Love the packaging tho and how they divide it all up to properly dose.
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