Livewell Dispensary

2.3 stars by 3 reviews
dispensarySalem, Oregonrecreational
(971) 600-3464
Closed 8:00am - 10:00pm

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2.3 stars

Flowers missing UID batch numbers

I've been to this place a handful of times. What I noticed is they are missing important batch number for the flower items. When I brought it up to an employee. He asked his manager and she replied "sometimes we don't get packages with a batch number on them therefore they don't have them on the label." This is against Olcc standards. A dispensary is responsible for complying with OAR 845-025-7000 to 845-025-7190. And if there was a recall there's no way to trace the product I purchased to that batch number. Henceforth I do not know or any consumer does not know if they're actually getting a product in which they are selling to them. I don't recommend going there due to this as a consumer unknowingly purchasing a strain that I'm not sure if it's actually in the system or if I'm actually purchasing the strain they are trying to sell me. To all other consumers be aware and be educated on how this might affect you.

Great Budtenders

I usually stop by here after work and while it can be busy, the people there are pretty chill. My experience has been that they're very courteous and knowledgeable.

Snobby rude budtender loses repeat business

I just went in and asked if any of the joints had weed that was harvested in the last 3 or 4 months. The male employee wearing a pink shirt first tried to say that he would have to go through “mounds of paperwork” to find that out, which is 100% a lie, as anyone who has worked in a dispensary for a day knows that it’s listed right on the label of every single joint. Then he went to the joint area after I told him that, and I mentioned that I was sorry and know it was a pain, and this dude has the gall to say to my face “yeah, I’m not going to do that.” So my friends and I went down the street to OG collective where they were happy to help me and we spent $80. My friends I was with were regulars at Livewell and will no longer go there after their employee straight up refuses to do his job and not only that but extremely rudely.