Lindzy's Med Supply Station

3.5 stars by 39 reviews
dispensaryFlint, Michiganmedical
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3.5 stars

Great prices for flower

They have a variety of good priced flower and a lot of different strains,I haven’t had the opportunity to check out their wax yet but I will do that next time but the staff was nice and It didn’t take too long for my first time visiting...I would recommend this place They have daily deals on Weedmaps too,yesterday was seven dollar pre-rolls and they were good.

love this place

you get what you pay for here. good products 👍👌. love the 20 dollar shelf the kookie stix are amazing. love the kookie and Kush line.


Bud low quality


bud tender dude over charged and was a total jerk a wanna be talking bot he from chicago dude who cares he talked way to much slow as hell holding up the line. they were running 1/8 for 15 dollars the guy charged me 20 i drove all the way from Ypsilanti Michigan one hour to be ripped off

🦅BEST PLACE IN Genesee county

I do not know why people dog Lindsay out they got the best flower in Genesee county staff is awesome flower brownies bomb CBD oil and Kool-Aid bomb

Dont go here

Garbage. They should be ashamed of themselves. Worst dispo in flint hands down. Shouldn’t even be allowed to operate. Prerolls were literally rolled by hand. 20 dollar grams. Get tf outta here.


Outrageous prices and low quality. Even the "top shelf" is a low grade odorless tasteless joke. Id rather go to a low life street corner dealer then this shop, the product and prices would deffintley be better. Save yourself the hassle and go anywhere else. If you actually take the time to review other shops products on here youll see what i mean. $120 for a 1/4, $30 for a vape that sells for $15 elsewhere.....gtfoh.

Good first impression

Today was my first visit and I felt right at home. The budtender was very knowledgeable and informative. He knew about all the products I had questions about at the drop of the dime. Showed he took it seriously. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming, decent prices. Was a great experience. Will definitely be back for some oddball things I've never seen before.
Lindzy's Med Supply Station
Good afternoon Paige, could you please let us know how you found us.
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awesome staff and awesome deals

Today was my first visit here and my experience was amazing. The girl who waited on me was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. And the deals were even better. I will definitely come back here.


pretty good flower but if you get a certain person waiting on you be prepared to be there a while he's a talker

Gave it another try

When I first moved here 2 years ago, I was unimpressed with this dispo. The staff was very rude, and seemed uncaring. However, last week I was in a hurry (I drive from Oxford) taking my son to the orthodontist and I did not have time to go by my normal dispo. I thought wth, how bad could it be? BUT, to my surprise, everything has CHANGED!! I was so impressed by the new layout and the new employees!! I tried again today and it was great AGAIN! This dispo is now my new dispo!!! Definitely worth the 45 minute drive.

As pleasant as their product

The two budtenders were very friendly, even though the store was crowded and growing more busy. Excellent specials, with an excellent staff, and very excellent products. I would highly recommend.


what the hell is even going on here?


Stopped by because I was in the area. Prices were really high, I left feeling sad because I know I don't have enough medicine to control the pain until I get paid again next month. Preroll were so dry the weed falls out as you try to smoke. If I didn't have a pipe, that would have been, wasted pain relief. I won't be returning the head shop prices were like a party store/gas station prices also. The only redemption is two kind people that worked there.


Love coming into this shop. The bud tenders are amazing and friendly, the bud is very good. Have not been disappointed yet by a purchase

fire bud!

ive been to this place two times so far. and ive yet to be disappointed. fire strains!

best place in town

prices awesome the flowers very very awesome

Great Selection, Vapes, Flowers

New store set up, various strains, great selection of Vapes, experiencd budtenders that know their strsins. a must stop for 420 enthusiasts. 💯🌿.

Won’t be returning that’s for sure...

This was my first time at this dispensary, I usually go to different ones in bay city. However, since I was in the area and they were running a deal for $15 eighths I couldn’t not stop. Now I just wish I would have saved my money and went to Bay City. Of the flower to choose from they were all picked over. I chose something that I thought would be ok but I’m not sure any of them would have been. My eighth came in tiny tiny nuggets filed with large stems. I would not be surprised to find seeds in this flower that how bad it is. And the preroll wouldn’t even smoke, ended up smoking its contents in a bowl and even then couldn’t smoke it all because it was so gross. I understand this isn’t a big operation and it’s probably run by someone simple but y’all need to step up your game. Your flower is awful and idk how you expect people to be satisfied with such crappy flower. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING I DONT CARE OF THE DEAL...BUYER BEWARE

Kim Hertler

staff so helpful and friendly. a good selection and quality. highly recommend. Love this place