Vape Cartridge - THC Blend 500mg


Mary’s utilizes distillation to produce 100% natural, PG and pesticide free cannabis oil for its vape kit. The 500mg cartridges contain only cannabinoids and terpenes – no fillers, cutting agents, etc. The kit includes an adjustable-voltage battery that displays battery life and draw time. Available in THC-Blend, 3:1 CBD:THC and 1:1 CBN:CBD.


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4 stars

Needs a Lot of Work

There are carts that are intriguing that you pass and someday will pick up. This is that day. After spending two grueling days with this cart, I was more pleased to be finished with it to move onto something else. Mechanically this MM cart fell apart within the first few pulls making completion extremely tough. It's old hardware being used but didn't expect that for the cost which is well above the norm for .5g. It's close to the pricing of a one gram from industry giants. The oil was darker gold with some movement. The draws are ok due to the bad hardware and the clouds are absent because of it. The feeling itself after multiple draws were disappointingly average. The well above standard price, breaking hardware and subpar oil doesn't bode well when combined. This is a pass.

Great product but inconsistent

I absolutely love the oils that they make. However, the amount that is in the cartridge is extremely inconsistent. It can vary for like 5 to 10 draws. For me that makes some carts last several days less than others. At a $50 price point, it can feel like a bit of a ripoff when you get the short end. I would like to see the CBN cart come down in price or get more consistent fills in the carts.

Maryland needs extracts.

need cheaper ,pre-decarbed, distillates at around $50/gm to be affordable for medical.

fun, easy to navigate, and and hard to put down

the control gyroscope does an amazing job letting the user control the ball with finesse and agility

come on Maryland!!!!

let's go Maryland get with it grow grow grow extract extract extract yeaaaaasssss

Etta Lucas

I definitely think this would be good for my neck and shoulder this will be one of my first orders!
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