French Gummies (Pate de Fruit) - 100mg THC

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Perfect for our consumers who are looking for a low dose of THC. These will literally melt in your mouth.

3 FLAVORS, 3 EFFECTS. The cleanest and purest high you will ever feel.

Mango Calentito: infused with Gelato terps, this hybrid will bring you BLISS

Peach Cobbler: infused with Durban Poison terps, this sativa will find your FOCUS

Strawberry Dreams: infused with Birthday Cake terps, this indica is here to help you RELAX!

Made with real fruit and coconut cannabis oil, all natural ingredients only.

Each box contains 40 servings of 2.5mg of THC for a total of 100mg THC per box.


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1 review

29 days ago
1 star

Not Good & Terrible Packing

When I opened the box that the edibles come in, I saw big blob of what used to be individual edibles, but was now combined into one big chunk of sticky, oily, and messy goo in a non-resealable plastic bag. I feel bad writing a bad review but I feel like either the delivery service let the box sit out in the sun for hours or something is wrong with the edibles to begin with because they shouldn’t combine like that snd now I just have a sticky mess to deal with. Sad they didn’t meet my expectations.
Madame Munchie
Hi Blair Thank you for your review and I am so sorry to hear that you had such a terrible experience! The pate de fruits should indeed be stored at 70F degrees or less. If not, the heat will melt them together. It sounds like that is what happened here. While we cannot control how our products are stored once they leave the kitchen, I do apologize for the negative experience you had. If you would like to contact us directly on instagram @madamemunchie or via our website,, I would be more than happy to find a way to make it up to you.
Official Response28 days ago
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