Private Reserve (3.5g) + Kief (1g)

Product description
Total THC21.5%

The Claybourne Power Pack - California’s First & Only.

Inside each and every Claybourne Power Pack is an 1/8th of small buds, plus 1g jar of kief, and a kief shovel - all in one convenient rolling pouch. 

Enjoy the versatility of the Claybourne Power Pack: use the flower only, smoke a kief bowl, add a kief topper, or infuse pre-rolls. Make it yours.


Private Reserve relaxes the muscles of the body and has been used to fight against chronic pain and aching muscles. This strain receives positive reviews for its uplifting and peaceful effects on the mind. Private Reserve has a smell that’s a mix of pine, sour citrus, and sugar.

Infused FlowerIndica
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