Orange Sunset Smalls

$36.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

Overflowing with the taste and aroma of mandarin orange zkittlez, creamy citrus soda, lime candy, and a hint of gassy pine. Orange Sunset’s lineage is a cross between our unparalleled Orange Banana and OZ Kush.

Lineage: Wonderbrett’s Orange Banana v1 x OZ Kush 

Terpenes: Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Caryophyllene

FlowerArousedCitrusCreativeEarthyEnergeticOrangeOrange Sunset

About this strain: Orange Sunset

Orange Sunset by Wonderbrett is an indica-dominant hybrid of Orange Banana and OZ Kush. 

The top reported aromas of the Orange Sunset strain are orange and tangerine with hints of gas and pine. And it is said to taste similar with notes of citrus candy and pine. 

Orange Sunset by Wonderbrett is an indica-dominant hybrid of Orange Banana and OZ Kush. 

The top reported aromas of the Orange Sunset strain are orange and tangerine with hints of gas and pine. And it is said to taste similar with notes of citrus candy and pine. 

Top reported strain effects

  • Aroused

  • Creative

  • Energetic

Top reported strain flavors

  • Citrus

  • Earthy

  • Orange

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19 reviews

2 months ago
1 star

Truly a wonder....

How you can make a profit from selling bunk weed like this. I've purchased Wonderbrett 8 times. I was a fan at first but they have become so hit & miss. I've had outdoor better than this "indoor". My 1/8th literally tastes like hay and I think I saw a fellow reviewer mention "brick weed". Hayeah... I have a buddy that grows better homegrown. I should have learned my lesson last time. Never again.
1 year ago
5 stars

Great weed At a Great Price!

Hey ElLokstah maybe shouldn’t leave reviews for your stupid weed shop on a product/company review. Idiot. Anyways this flower definitely hit the spot. Clean, crisp high at a good price. Thanks!
1 year ago
5 stars

Flawless and flavorful

Great aroma and taste. Won’t let you down when looking for a easy yet potent high.
1 year ago
5 stars

Best strain from Wonderbrett

I've tried most of their strains and this one right here is my absolute favorite. Perfect citrus smell with a nice taste.
3 months ago
5 stars

Great product, great customer service

I purchased Wonderbrett Orange Sunset 14grams. I’m impressed with the product. It’s small nugs, which could intimidate most, but it’s similar to when you break down your weed and roll it in a blunt. Definitely love that I barely had to break the bud down and it didn’t turn into “dust”. Soft to touch. The high lasts a few hours. The feeling is very mellow/relaxed feeling, yet enhanced my vibe. You could smoke it anytime of the day. The customer service was great and very responsive. I’m enjoying my experience with you guys.
5 months ago
5 stars

Smell and taste

Fresh and super sticky buds. 🔥 A nice mellow high and it tasted like I was smoking orange peels lol. Mines tested 27% . I used indika delivery in Oakland and they do a daily deal where they choose an 8th for $10 everyday with any purchase over $50 and this is was what they had for the day.... I feel bad for anyone who left bad reviews because you probably just got a bad batch. Lol. Will definitely pick up again 🔥
6 months ago
5 stars

Best Dispensary 💯🔥💯

I Honestly Feel This Is One Of The Best Dispensary In LA With Out a Doubt. Since My First Day I Went I Haven’t Been Disappointed. It Has Everything You Need! Idk If the Dispensary Talks To There Securities But They Are Very Polite & Welcoming! Don’t Get Fool Tho Don’t Take There Kindness For Weakness! Just A Dope Place To Find What You Need With No Pressure!
9 months ago
5 stars


A great citrus taste, good smell, great high.
11 months ago
5 stars


Smell is crazy good, taste like the tangerine altoids. Definitely recommend
1 year ago
5 stars

pungent citrus, potent high

small nugs? More like medium nugs. Very nice strain. Will probably pick up again!
6 months ago
3 stars

It was good

I think grapes of wrath had more terps atleast in the first batch I've tried
10 months ago
2 stars

I was deceived!!

I have read so many reviews on this company and decided to try it out... well I was hella disappointed at this strain! Taste like it smells the first hit is aight. Than the next hit you like “this is a fresh bowl right?” I hit it, and it taste kinda harsh. I’m like oh that’s just the chronic. So I smoke the whole bowl, I’m elevated but quickly come down hella quick. So I try it first smoke in the morning, some quick effect. In the past I’ve never liked the orange tasting tree. I’ve always went with the gorilla glue or Ccokies. But I wouldn’t recommend this hybrid strain for anybody! Y’all get a big thumbs down on this one! Grapes of wrath strain next. I hope it will be my favorite.
1 year ago
1 star

Pic shows 14g bag for 40$

Should be more specific on weight Cause it’s 40$ for a 3.5g not 14g
6 months ago
1 star


Got some of this as a buy one get one free. The one I bought was trash, and this one is garbage as well. Literally smokes like brick weed. Very disappointed.
9 months ago
1 star

not what’s in picture

it’s not a half oz says it is in picture when got my order i was very upset
1 year ago
5 stars

1 year ago
5 stars

1 year ago
5 stars

1 year ago
4 stars

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