Lakeside Herbal Solutions

4.5 stars by 44 reviews
dispensaryClearlake, Californiamedical & recreational
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4.5 stars

SouthFork Kush Beware

I got an ounce for $250 of south fork kush and now I have about a half ounce of shake and stems that I cannot smoke. The weed is so fluffy, leafy and full of stems it just falls apart and it's disgusting. I use to like South Lake Farms so that sucks, I feel like I got ripped off. I use to get better ounces in high school for cheaper. Now I'm only going back for top self to get my $20 off. I will never buy an ounce again and when I'm in town I usually go on Wednesday just for that so that sucks.

I loved the delivery service

I sure do miss having it delivered to my door.

zkittlez are back

just picked up a new batch of zkittlez come check it out live reviews at ig strainhoarders707 showcasing the best in all of lake county


this place is awesome I'm not from clearlake but I would visit this place everytime im in town they have amazing flower and everything else u need to find and not to mention the staff they are really awesome the girl that helped me out today she was amazing she had all the right answers to my question she is really awesome I wish I could've gotten her name

The best local dispensary.

Came here to see what they had to offer and was not disappointed. Everyone there was kind, polite, and professional. The wide assortment of everything from flower, cartridges, tinctures, edibles, and even topicals was phenomenal and I’d come back here again.


Im obsessed with this place. Literally the baskin robbins of weed around here. BEST dispensary around the lake hands down. There is now a bigger selection then ever before, and the bud tenders are always friendly and knowledgeable about what they carry and Im always taking advantage of their delivery!

great service and friendly

great club with great product. help me in a time of need will definitely be a returning customer. delivery guy is on time and a nice guy.

no answer

trying to make a call for delivery but as soon as there hours are available for delivery their phone is conveniently busy. if you are a delivery service, maybe call waiting is a good idea.
Lakeside Herbal Solutions
Our phone lines are never busy when you actually use the delivery line like you're suppose too..... texting is also a very easy way to get through. We can’t help once we turn on the line to start taking deliveries we have numerous people calling. Just text in the future and understand that there’s a lot of people waiting to make an order. 707-245-2001 is for deliveries. We have a separate weedmaps and everything for this. Use that number!!!
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Great Storefront & Friendly Delivery Driver!

I had a great experience at your dispensary I also have tried their new delivery service and their delivery driver is super friendly and helpful . The storefront was nice but the delivery man Made this experience so much easier! Anthony acted respectfully and professionally Throughout our encounter and I will definetly be ordering again!

Thank you so much!

I came in with my 73yr old, “I’ve never used drugs”, mom on July 13,2018. She was completely surprised and absolutely thankful for the very useful information. We have turned her. She’s a believer! Cannabis is her new friend. I am horrible with names but the young lady and fine security guard were very very helpful and knowledgeable. You both put her at ease. Thank you both so much! Now I need to help her again, she’s looking for Bhang CBD spray 150mg. I can’t find it in Monterey. Thanks again ! ✌🏼🤙🏼

Prices are way to high

Jus go to sac there prices are way better half the cost you will save more money driving to sac to get your weed this place is unjustifiable
Lakeside Herbal Solutions
I would love to see the proof of cheaper product in Sacramento.....
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Dependable, knowledgeable, good strains

Been shopping here for a couple of years and have come to rely on the folks here for my medicine. I have always found adequate product to choose from. Bud tenders are knowledgeable and friendly. They take time to answer questions and help with selecting the right strain for your needs. They might not carry a wide selection of boutique strains, after all this is a small town. but what they do carry are the reliable, tried and true winners for both medical and recreational.

Disappointing place!

Horrible! The dude the runs the place is a jerk. There is only 4 kinds of weed and really shit quality. Very disappointed in the place and the environment.
Lakeside Herbal Solutions
Yeah we had to play by the rules with the state and only be able to get product from the compliant distro companies. Maybe the other clubs who choose to not follow the rules are your "go to" for the back door $100 ounce deals, but we are above and beyond compliant and doing everything we can to maintain that. Sorry you came at a time of transition where basically every club in CA (complaint) didn't have product. We currently have three times more product than anyone else around and like 30 strains on the shelf to choose form and a handful more coming in soon.
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best place in lake county

I come here for all my clones always pest free picked up the gelato glue I'm doing a review on my ig strainhoarders707 come check it out

Best of the best

Best prices, best inventory, best ratings.

feel bad for you

Have been looking at menus up this way. I think I will stay in San Diego ! We have over 100 strains almost everywhere for $10.00 a gram ! Come on down, check out the zoo and get some REALLY DANK BUDS ! Also its 76 deg. at 10 a.m.

🏡 Cozy spot with a great selection! 🏡

Stopped by here yesterday to find so many flavors, massive board of dabs, everyone was really nice and attentive, definitely coming back next time i'm here. 🔥

Smoke Up!

green house fire for the low low.. Cant beat it.. felt like I was getting over lol. Quailty and prices are unbelievable. Get their!


The staff is so friendly and knowledgable! Love going in there all the time, top quality flowers, concentrates and edibles. Will NOT go anywhere else in clearlake!!


Super sweet staff, receptionist was very informative and helpful. The Candyland was delicious! Definately going back!